May You Always Abide In The Light Of Truth.          

-David Browning                        





Yoga Sutra Cards

Yoga Sutra Cards Book by Lalla and SamadhiDev. Four kinds of yoga in one deck. Hatha. Jnana. Bhakti. KarmaYoga Sutra Cards Book

The final limb of yoga is SAMADHI,
or union as the Divine!
Let's start there,
At the Source,
Everything else is a mirage!

If there is no union in your yoga and no samadhi in your practice,
you are missing the most important things
about yoga, meditation, and spirituality. 

Y.O.G.A. For Enlightenment

Your Own God Awareness

Discover Divine Yoga as Source Consciousness


This book is an advanced self-inquiry companion for the mystic. It builds on the Mystic 7 Principles laid out in The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment. It has been designed to assist you in releasing your attachments one at a time using sutras and daily practices. 

This is mystical yoga

The Yoga Sutra Cards book is an in-depth immersion into mystical yoga.  It is not strictly posture-based yoga, although postures are depicted and described. It is not intended to relieve stress or educate you on the origins of the yoga posture practice. This book is designed to dissolve your individual ego by releasing each of your attachments, one at a time.  

Based on Vasistha's Yoga Sutras and the teachings of awakened mystic SamadhiDev, this 135-page book combines four paths of Yoga - Hatha, Jnana, Bhakti, and Karma Yoga to create a conducive environment for Samadhi, Source Experiences, and Self-Inquiry. These three components being crucial to truly realizing your own God Awareness.

Yoga Means Union

Yoga literally means Union. A union as the divine Source. You cannot be in union with the Source because that would take two things coming together. To come into union the individual mind must dissolve into the ocean of God Consciousness. This book will help you realize that you are already the enlightened ONE. 

Enlightenment is the remembrance of your own God-awareness. In this state of enlightenment, you see the illusion but without any delusion about its reality. This Yoga Sutra Cards book is a powerful tool for clearing away the veils of illusion.



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