The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment; Seven Keys To Abiding In The Enlightened Mind; An unprecendented guide to enlightenmentTHE MYSTIC'S GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT

Seven Keys To Abiding In The Enlightened Mind

by David Browning and Lalla Dawn Breeze


You will transform your life and set yourself free with seven mystical keys! 


Mastering the principles in this book will not only lead to abiding in the enlightened mind, but a brilliant awakened life filled with equanimity, truth, and non-suffering.  

With this workbook you will:
•    Discover what enlightenment really is and how to attain it
•    Recognize false concepts and mind traps when you hear them
•    Learn how to have the direct personal experience of God
•    Become aware of surprising counterproductive habits using self-inventory activities
•    Realize that suffering is optional, and discover the awakened awareness which transcends it

I have seen the "Mystic's Guide to Enlightenment: Seven Keys to Abiding in the Enlightened Mind" principles at work, in the most difficult setting of all, to catalyze transformation & set people free: PRISON. These principles do exactly that. It sets you free from the many shackles of the world that moor you to a lesser existence on earth. I became enthralled and set about discovering what it could do for me. --Harden Wiedemann, Alpha Prisons & Re-entry, Dallas, Tx.

This is a radical book of ancient and paradigm-busting truths written by David SamadhiDev Browning, an awakened mystic who has been abiding full time in the enlightened mind for over 18 years. SamadhiDev is uniquely qualified to smash your popular conditioned delusions and lead you into the fully abiding truth that YOU ARE THE SOURCE.


“I’ve got two bookshelves full of spiritual books and all of them combined have not done for me what this book has in one week” ...Chad

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics  

100 Page Workbook

You can transform your life and set yourself free with these seven keys! Do you want to know what enlightened mystics know that you don't? They know the greatest secret of all: You are the Source. You cannot trick them into believing otherwise. They will never agree that you are limited, or mortal, or separate from anyone or anything. This unique workbook has been designed as a deep immersion codex to assist you in stripping away your limiting thoughts that keep you bound to a vulnerable existence. It also contains the most powerful tool in the mystical treasure chest: the power of self-knowledge through direct personal experience and self-inquiry. 

Using seven intuitive and self-revealing keys, multiple practices, and over 350 thought-provoking questions, you will be led deeper than you have ever ventured into the enlightened mind. In “The Mystic’s Guide To Enlightenment”, modern mystic, David Browning reveals the self-inquiry process that he practiced for over sixteen years while becoming established in the enlightened mind. He not only points to the truth, but he also reveals the secrets to transforming your life so you can abide full time in source-consciousness.

About The Author . . .

Enlightenment came spontaneously to David SamadhiDev Browning without seeking or even understanding what was happening. Since then he has resided with the head Tulku of Tibetan Buddhism for two years as his personal guest. He has received over seventy Tibetan Buddhist spiritual empowerments, more than twenty of which were given to him directly from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and he has authored two other mystical books, “Seeing Through The Eyes Of God”, and “The Ancient Voice Of God”.

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