May You Always Abide In The Light Of Truth.          

-David Browning                        






Find Your Om Close To HomeFind Your Om Close To Home

There is no need to travel around the world to find your bliss. In one weekend you can uncover the Source of your bliss, and perfectly understand the cause of any suffering.

Our Samadhi Silent Retreats are offered right here in Texas, just a short drive from Dallas, Austin, or Houston. The retreats are lead by certified yoga instructors, and facilitated by David Browning SamadhiDev who has received over 20 Tibetan Buddhist empowerments directly from His Holiness the Dalai Lama while in India, in addition to his unique qualifications that make him an extraordinary Enlightenment Coach.

Would it be WORTH IT to you to take a weekend away, if you could discover a way to live life more peacefully with just a few days guidance in some ancient practices?

At a Samadhi Silent Retreat, you will:

  • realize how specific ancient practices can lead to a modern day breakthrough into Bliss Consciousness
  • experience how the Mystic 7 Source Principles reveal guidelines for opening to profound Self-Acceptance
  • recognize how easy it is to obtain true silence and the rare state of Samadhi which precedes dynamic Source Experiences 

Samadhi Silent Retreats offer a host of great activities to keep you engaged and inspired.

You will: stretch into gentle yoga postures, chant ancient spiritual mantras, listen to inspiring music, be guided in meditations, and breathe new life into dark spaces in the body and mind.Register Now for a Samadhi Silent Retreat

You will enjoy: vegetarian meals lovingly provided with a balanced formula for gentle detoxing; and refreshingly full days of balanced activity, self-inquiry, relaxation and reflection.

We are now holding private silent retreats to facilitate the opportunity for participants to have their own experience as Source-Awareness and to learn the skills of self-inquiry. These retreats are arranged for 3-7 people as the demand is created. When you are ready to schedule your own Private Retreat contact us for available dates. CONTACT US>>

Location:  1.5 Hours Drive From Dallas, 1 Hour from Tyler, 4 Hours from Austin or Houston. Halfway between Athens and Palestine Texas.

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“Wow, this was so much fun, so light hearted, so humorous, yet profoundly deep and practically inspiring.” These were my thoughts at the end of the 3-Day Samadhi Silent Retreat in Athens, TX. With my history of attending two Vipassana 10-day silent retreats I have a unique perspective of how each benefited me and how they compare. I can say with full conviction that both styles have powerfully affected me, my first Vipassana being the catalyst for the most major life change ever thus far. That said, the Samadhi retreat delivered more value in less time and with more tangible benefits. I would gleefully choose to do another Samadhi retreat, which I cannot say the same for Vipassana. ...Jason Reagan - Zen Station
Vipassana vs. Samadhi Silent Retreat: Vipassana is all about hard work. Seriously. 9-10 hours of meditation a day - that's hard work. But David's Samadhi Retreat showed me a different way. And at first I had a lot of internal resistance to that. I was really entrenched in the "I must work hard for this samadhi experience" way of thinking. So it was very beautiful for me to have David be like, um no, it's right there! You can do it! I feel so grateful for having that experience and for having met David and Dawn. I'm feeling so many good and happy feelings post-retreat : )
...Twyla K. from San Antonio
Compared to Vipassana, a Samadhi Retreat Is Like Disneyland. My experience of Vipassana was hard, uncomfortable, disciplined and rigid. Last weekend at the Samadhi Retreat was such a joy with movement for our body, fun with the chanting, variety in all we did, delicious meals, places to hike, permission to even be comfortable while meditating. Just glorious!  ...Heather B. from Austin

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