May You Always Abide In The Light Of Truth.          

-David Browning                        





Overnight Retreat

Overnight PERSONALIZED Samadhi Retreat

Ganesha Resin Ceremony, a Samadhi Resin Ceremony developed by David Browning SamadhiDevThe Samadhi Overnight Retreat is for beginners and advanced students of meditation, yoga, and mysticism. In this retreat, you will get a personalized retreat and an opportunity to participate in Samadhi Raja Yoga, the Samadhi Resin Ceremonies, and some of our other premier meditation practices. This retreat begins on Saturday at 9:00 am and concludes on Sunday around 1.00 pm. The $260 cost includes food, meditations, and private room accommodations. This retreat can be held for 1-3 people and will be held in silence unless otherwise requested. You can stay the night before for an additional cost of $45.



Saturday Morning Session

 9:00     Yoga

10:00     Breakfast

11:00     Music Meditation

11:30     Rounding (Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditations)

12:30     Snack Break

Saturday Afternoon Session IOvernight Samadhi Silent Retreats just south of Dallas Texas at Samadhi Meditation Center

 1:00     Pranayama Chanting

 1:30     Guided Meditation

 2:00     Koan Practice 

 2:30     Lunch & Personal Time

Saturday Afternoon Session II

 3:45     Afternoon Bell

 4:00     4 Pranayamas

 4:30     Chanting Meditation

 5:00     Snack Break

 5:30     Discourse

 6:00     Self-Inquiry Practice

 6:30     Dinner & Showers

Saturday Evening Session

  7:45     Evening Bell

  8:00     Q & A 

  8:30     Samadhi Resin Ceremony

  9:00     Meditation

  9:15     Music Meditation

  9:35     Bed Time

Sunday Morning Session

 9:00     Yoga

 10:30     Breakfast & Showers

11:30     Pranayama or Kriya


Meditation is a practice that ideally leads to Samadhi or silence of the mind. Practices can include sitting in silence, chanting, yoga postures, pranayamas, guided meditations, koan contemplation, drawing, painting, gardening, toning, tai chi, qi gong, mantra practice, mudra practice, japa (mala mantra practice), and a vast variety of other practices.

Pranayamas (Yogic Breathing Exercises):

Prana means life-force, yama is the pause. In Samadhi Raja Yoga, we practice pranayama to stop the prana, which stops the mind, which stops the illusion. We do not practice it for life-enhancing benefits to the physical, mental, or emotional body. You are the Source; you do not even have a body to enhance. Until your mind releases the commitment to being a body and a human being, you cannot attain transcendence as Source-consciousness.

“When prana moves, chitta (mind/mental force) moves.
When prana is without movement,

chitta is without movement.”
-- Mahayoga Pradipika 2.0

Pranayama practice can lead to samadhi and the pause of the life-force mental illusion which spins the wheel of birth and death, desire and aversion, and delusion and suffering. Restraining the life-force does not mean that your body will die; only your belief that you are the body dies. When you stop thinking, you stop the mind, which stops the prana life-force and you transcend the persistent [I am the] body delusion. This leads to the realization that you are the Source and you no longer associate as a body. This is the state of a fully-established yogi. This pause can be initiated by pranayama breathing exercises, yoga asana postures, mudra hand gestures, the contemplation of Jnana wisdom sutras, Bhakti devotion, and other samadhi practices.

“The wise ones declare that the mind is caused by the movement
of prana; and hence by the restraint of the prana,
the mind becomes quiescent. When the mind abandons
the movement of thought, the appearance of the
world-illusion ceases.” – Vasistha’s Yoga



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