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Samadhi Silent Retreats to discover the truth of your own divinity.Experience the most eclectic silent retreat in the world, led by an awakened mystic who lives every moment in God-Awareness. In this unique opportunity, you will be encouraged to let go of all your expectations and dogma for a chance to see the world through your eyes as an unveiled being. This retreat is neither stuffy nor boring, it is lighthearted, profound, paradigm-busting, and transformational.


Our 3-Day Samadhi Silent Retreats begin on a Friday night at 6pm and conclude Sunday afternoon at 3pm


All of the Samadhi Silent Retreats feature the Mystic 7, which are the seven common experiences of every mystic, master, and sage that has come into self-realization of their own God Consciousness. These Mystic 7 Experiences are brought to life by David Browning who has experienced all of these mystical experiences and now abides in a state of consciousness called Kaivalya or self-realized God Awareness.


What Is A Samadhi Retreat Like?

To give you a really good feel of what a Samadhi Silent Retreat feels like from a participant's point of view, I'd like you to meet Jason and hear his perspective... 

“Enlightenment Can Be A Blast!”Enlightenment Can Be A Blast, response from 3-Day Silent Retreat participants
By Jason Reagan

“Wow, this was so much fun, so light-hearted, so humorous, yet profoundly deep and practically inspiring.” These were my thoughts at the end of the 3-Day Samadhi Silent Retreat in Athens, TX. With my history of attending two Vipassana 10-day silent retreats, I have a unique perspective of how each benefited me and how they compare. I can say with full conviction that both styles have powerfully affected me, my first Vipassana being the catalyst for the most major life change ever thus far. That said, the Samadhi retreat delivered more value in less time and with more tangible benefits. I would gleefully choose to do another Samadhi retreat, which I cannot say the same for Vipassana.

The most notable standout from my experience was how much freaking fun it was! During the first evening discourse David Browning, founder and instructor of the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center made the statement that indeed enlightenment can be a blast, which is a far cry from most orthodox silent retreats throughout history. The remainder of the retreat proved he wasn’t kidding. It was a jubilant time for me, and I suspect the others as well. 

There was so much laughter! This was such a pleasant surprise for me, as my background is only one of rigid, silent retreats who take themselves very seriously. So often I would catch David beaming a smile as he explained the philosophies of what we were doing. It’s so obvious to me that he ‘gets it’ because of his lightheartedness. I don’t believe a person with actual Source experiences in their lifetime could be anything but jovial, and joviality is David’s nature (although he would argue that his nature is everything).  READ MORE >>

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