Why Silent Retreats? ... TO STOP THE MIND!

Does the thought of being in Silence for 3 days make you nervous?

You could possibly live your entire life without three staight days of verbal silence. This is mostly because you will never put yourself in the position to be quiet that long. During a Samadhi Silent Retreat, you will see how easy it is to let the obligation of speech slip away as you drop into a profound mental stillness. 

QUIETNESS means no sounds.  

SILENCE means no thoughts 

Quietness does not necessarily lead to mental stillness. The chattering mind is relentless and yammers away even in a quiet cave-like atmosphere. Quietness does not stop the mind. Quietness is not mandatory for SILENCE. A condition of no thoughts is required for SILENCE. This absolute SILENCE is the goal of a Samadhi Silent Retreat.

What happens when you become mentally still?

Mental stillness, or Samadhi, pauses the illusion of reality. In those moments, you are IN God-awareness, while the world may be seen, it is not believed, or judged, or controlled. When your mind is still, there are no thoughts, there is tranquility, there is acceptance, there is no-thing-ness. 

Samadhi is the Pure and Absolute Silence Of The Mind.... read more>>


BENEFITS of a 3-Day SILENT Retreat

  1. You get a chance to take a break from speaking, reacting, and responding.
  2. You get to take a break from social media and drama.
  3. You get to give yourself a break from constantly affirming your ego preferences.
  4. You get to discover new practices that lead to SILENCE.
  5. You get to embrace new paradigms that lead to SILENCE.
  6. You get to be in an environment that is ripe for SILENCE.
  7. You get to listen to your inner dialogue.
  8. You get to question your inner script.
  9. You don't get distracted by conversation.
  10. You don't have to give your attention to anyone.
  11. You give yourself a vacation... no cooking, no cleaning, no working, no family, no obligations.
  12. You get to expand your awareness.
  13. You get to contemplate a life lived in pure awareness without delusion.
  14. You get to actually spend three days in silence, you know you won't do it otherwise.
  15. Nature, Food, Lake, Hiking, Meditation, Chanting, Yoga, Pranayamas, Bliss. 

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