Samadhi Silent Retreats 

Experience yourself as The Absolute Source, God Awareness, Infinite Consciousness; beyond the Universe, freed from your ego-centric body/mind; and well beyond the confines of your earthly experience and delusional concepts about reality.

The usual busy-ness of the average person does not allow much time for silence and even less time for dwelling in the state of ultimate awareness where you know yourself to be beyond all material presence in the state of blissful beingness.

We are now holding private silent retreats to facilitate the opportunity for participants to have their own experience as Source-Awareness and to learn the skills of self-inquiry. These retreats are arranged for 3-7 people as the demand is created. When you are ready to schedule your own Private Retreat contact us for available dates. CONTACT US>>

In a Samadhi Silent Retreat we forego all communication, all responsibilities, all expectations and allow the inner silence to speak ever so subtly while we are in a state of watchful receptivity. This has resulted in profound Source Experiences in each of our Silent Retreats. 

With a proven format, dynamic activities, inspired facilitation, and nuturing atmosphere, we look forward to providing the circumstances congruent for you to also have this unique "Source Experience".  

Find your OM close to home at a Samadhi Silent Retreat"Source Experience":

This profound occurance only happens following moments of Absolute Silence Of The Mind or Samadhi. It  is prefaced by a state of Nothingness, or the absence of subject/object perception; followed by a "knowingness" of ultimate Source Awareness or truth - Satori.  This awareness of your true wholistic nature may be remembered in conjunction with an emotional or kinesthetic response of dynamic bliss, as you come back to subject/object perception.



* Recognize How NOT Speaking Reveals Inner Truth
* Experience "Thought Free" Meditation For The First Time Ever!!!
* Enjoy A Variety Of Practices Which Lead To Total Silence Of The Mind
* Transform Your Life By Realizing Your Divine Nature As 
The UNconditional Source 




OVER 14 HOURS OF Yoga, Meditations, and Breathing Exercises 

* Experience Effortless & Profound Quieting Of The Mind
* Discover the Mystic Origin Of Traditional Religion
* Practice Daily Therapeutic Yoga... including daily Candlelight Sunrise SUN SALUTATIONS
* Learn Healing Breath Techniques
* Realize The Power Of Chanting
* The Samadhi Resin Ceremony™
* Koan & Sutra Contemplation
* Attend Spiritual Discourses & Teachings by David Browning
* Participate In Rejuvenating Bhajan Chanting
* 8 Delicious Vegetarian Meals
* Hiking Trails
* No family, No cooking, No cleaning, No cell phone, No computer, No distractions

This retreat will be held in Silence and will have the side effect of Deep Meditation and The Source Experiential. This retreat will include multiple meditations, yoga, chanting, discourses, The Samadhi Resin Ceremony™, and an opportunity for deep, deep, deep meditation within Silence.



RETREAT SCHEDULE:Ganesha Resin Ceremony, a Samadhi Resin Ceremony developed by David Browning SamadhiDev

Thursday Registration & Introduction
6:00     Registration
7:00     Meet & Greet
8:00     Instructions & Introduction
8:30     The Ganesha Resin Ceremony
9:30     Enter SILENCE & Turn In

Friday Morning Session I (6:15-10:00)
 6:15     Morning Bell
 6:30     Morning Yoga
 7:00     Silent Meditation
 7:30     Breakfast & Showers
 8:30     Asanas & Mudras:  Yoga
 9:00     Pranayama/Kriya (Breathing Exercises)
 9:30     Music Meditation
10:00    Break & Snack

Morning Session II (10:30-2:00)
10:30     Self Reflexology
11:00     Yoga Rounding:  Asana, Pranayama, Meditation cycle
12:00     The Samadhi Resin Ceremony  (friday only)
12:00     Chanting  (other days)
12:30     Lunch
 1:00     Personal Time (Nap, Walking, Reflection)

 Afternoon Session (2:30-5:00)
2:15     Afternoon Bell
2:30     Discourse (1st Half)
3:30     Exercise & Source Mantra
4:30     Break & Snack
5:00     Guided Meditation
6:00     Walking Koan Meditation
6:25     Dinner Bell
6:30     Dinner & Showers 

Evening Session (8:00-9:30)
7:45     Evening Bell
8:00     Satsang (Community and Bhajans)
9:00     Discourse (2nd Half)
10:00   Turn In

Saturday (Same at Friday)
Morning Session I (6:15-10:00)
Morning Session II (10:30-2:00)
Afternoon Session (2:30-5:00)
Evening Session (8:00-9:30)

Morning Session I (6:15-10:00)
Morning Session II (10:30-1:30)
Afternoon Session (1:30-3:00)
1:30     Q&A
3:00     Conclusion & Instruction


Air Mattresses are provided for "indoor camping" in the Great Room

The Great Room at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center provides space for "indoor camping" on air mattresses

3 Semi-Private beds available in the Green Tara Room ($25 / weekend)

The Green Tara bunk room provides room for 3 guest sleeping arrangements during Silent Retreat

Private - Sufi Meditation Room with lakeview balcony ($100 / weekend)

The Sufi Room is a combination of Sufi items and Buddhist Statues and provides room for 1 or 2 guest accommodations

Private - Lalla's Room with lakeview balcony ($100 / weekend)

Lalla's Room provides guest accommodations for 1 person during Samadhi Silent Retreats

Select your desired room early at registration to assure your choice of accommodations.



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