Samadhi Silent Retreat: Registration

Unlike any other retreat experience! Led by an awakened mystic who can help you recognize and remember your own God Awareness. Great food! Dynamic! Informative! Experiential!

We are here to help you go to the next level of your deepening awareness, whether you are brand new to yoga, meditation, and spirituality, or an advanced practitioner.  

  • SAMADHI is the absolute thought-less SILENCE OF THE MIND.  
  • SOURCE EXPERIENCE is that fraction of a second when you experience yourself as the Source.  
  • SELF-INQUIRY is the practice of questioning your perceived and preconceived reality. 

At a Samadhi Silent Retreat you will

  • Learn to recognize SAMADHI
  • Learn which practices lead to SAMADHI so you can practice them at home
  • Learn to recognize a SOURCE EXPERIENCE
  • Learn multiple SELF-INQUIRY practices you can do at home 


 REGISTRATION by DONATION : 3-Day Samadhi Silent Retreats

All-Inclusive retreats provide accommodations, vegetarian meals, meditations, resin ceremonies, and more FEATURES listed below.  Usual retreat days are Friday-Saturday-Sunday but we are flexible upon request to arrange for other days.  

Samadhi Silent Retreat in Texas with awakened mystic David Browning. Meditation, Yoga, Chanting, Silent Retreat.

DONATE $250*...

Retreat with PRIVATE ROOM

All the Private Rooms have been reserved for the July 9-11 Retreat. Please use the "Indoor Camping" option below to make your reservation.   

A limited number of private rooms are available on a first come first reserved basis. The bathrooms are shared. *Registration by DONATION...see terms below.


DONATE $200*...

Retreat with "INDOOR CAMPING"

Lodge-style "Indoor Camping" on air beds in the Yoga Studio is available after all the private rooms are booked. *Registration by DONATION...see terms below.

CONTACT US to ask any questions, to apply for a scholarship, or if the links aren't working.

Registration by DONATION. Non-Refundable * Exchange Policy:
DONATIONS are non-refundable. Your DONATION towards a Silent Retreat at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center is immediately deposited for non-profit programs such as the prison ministry,  student scholarships, and meditation center maintenance. For this reason, we can only offer EXCHANGES but not refunds of your DONATION. We are a 508(c)(1)(A) FBO (Faith Based Organization), compliant with the church guidelines for 501(c)(3).   

It does not matter what your background is or what religion you come from. When you come to a Samadhi Silent Retreat you will be reminded that the mystics from every religion have said, "the kingdom of God is within". When you quiet the mind you can access that God-Awareness within.

In a Samadhi Silent Retreat, you can experience yourself as the absolute Source, freed from your egocentric body-mind, and well beyond the confines of your earthly experience and delusional concepts about reality.

In a Samadhi Silent Retreat, we forego all communication, all responsibilities, all expectations, and allow the inner silence to speak ever so subtly while we are in a state of watchful receptivity. This has resulted in profound Source Experiences in each of our Silent Retreats. 

With a proven format of dynamic activities, inspired facilitation, and a nurturing atmosphere, we look forward to providing the circumstances that allow you to have this unique Source Experience.

 Pre-Arrival Packet for Samadhi Silent Reteats Frequently Asked Questions about Samadhi Silent Retreats

This was the most amazing retreat I have ever been on. David and Dawn went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable every step of the way. David shares his practices that he has learned traveling all over the world for many years. His vast knowledge and straight forward approach is beyond anything that anyone has ever showed me. It excelled my spiritual growth beyond what I thought was possible. That combined with Lalla Dawn’s incredible yoga in the morning was a complete balance of mind and body I needed. Everything from the peaceful location, teachings, yoga, food, rooms, books, breathing techniques, mantras, and incense brings you back to what was meant to be in the first place. They have really made a change in my life. I did not want to leave and will be returning very shortly. --Houri H. 8/26/19


  • Delicious vegetarian meals plus snacks
  • Gentle yoga daily
  • Multiple pranayamas (breathing exercises)
  • Chanting
  • Guided meditations & music meditations
  • Effortless silence of the mind... SAMADHI
  • The Samadhi Resin Ceremony™
  • Koan & sutra contemplation
  • Q & A opportunity
  • Spiritual discourses by enlightened mystic David Browning
  • Scenic hiking trails & lakeside meditation
  • No family, no cooking, no cleaning, no cell phones, no computers, no distractions
  • Silence
  • Full active schedule plus free time
  • Profound deepening of your spirituality
  • PDF self-inquiry books, The Mystic's Guide to Enlightenment and Yoga Sutra Cards
  • Source-Awareness




  • Realize that YOU are the Source
  • Get over yourself
  • Get over your past
  • Get over your fears
  • Get over your judgments
  • Create new habits that lead to freedom
  • Eat - Meditate - Bliss

SCHEDULE: 3-DAY RETREAT... Subject to changeGanesha Resin Ceremony, a Samadhi Resin Ceremony developed by David Browning SamadhiDev

Friday Night Session 

 4:00     Early Arrival

 6:00     Dinner

 7:00     Introduction to the Mystic 7 and Enlightenment

 8:30     Enter into silence

 8:35     Samadhi Resin Ceremony

 9:30     Guided Meditation

10:00     Music Meditation

10:15     Bed Time

Saturday Morning Session

 7:45     Morning Bell

 8:00     Yoga

 9:00     Breakfast & Showers

10:30     Katha Pranayama

11:00     Music Meditation

11:30     Rounding (Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditations)

12:30     Snack Break

Saturday Afternoon Session I

 1:00     Pranayama Chanting

 1:30     Guided Meditation

 2:00     Koan Practice & Lunch

 2:30     Personal Time

Saturday Afternoon Session II

 3:45     Afternoon Bell

 4:00     4 Pranayamas

 4:30     Chanting Meditation

 5:00     Snack Break

 5:30     Discourse

 6:00     Self-Inquiry Practice

 6:30     Dinner & Showers

Saturday Evening Session

  7:45     Evening Bell

  8:00     Q & A 

  8:30     Samadhi Resin Ceremony

  9:00     Meditation

  9:15     Music Meditation

  9:35     Bed Time

Sunday Morning Session

 7:45     Morning Bell

 8:00     Yoga

 9:00     Breakfast & Showers

10:30     Pranayama or Kriya

Sunday Afternoon Session

12:00     Come out of silence

12:30     Discourse, Q & A, and wrap up

 1:30     Lunch



"Indoor Camping" in the Yoga Studio. (below)

We provide the air mattresses, you bring sheets and pillows. 

The Great Room at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center provides space for "indoor camping" on air mattresses

Green Tara Room - Private/Share (below)

We provide beds, sheets, and pillows.

The Green Tara bunk room provides room for 3 guest sleeping arrangements during Silent Retreat

Sufi Meditation Room - Private/Share (below)

We provide futon / mattress, sheets, and pillows.

The Sufi Room is a combination of Sufi items and Buddhist Statues and provides room for 1 or 2 guest accommodations

Bell Tower Room with mandala tapestries - Private (below)

We provide mattress, sheets, and pillows.

The bell tower room at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center












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