May You Always Abide In The Light Of Truth.          

-David Browning                        





Meditation Massage

Luxury Meditation MassageLuxury Meditation Massage by Dawn Breeze in your home

Imagine A deluxe relaxation experience that incorporates massage therapy, aroma therapy, sound therapy, and deep meditation in the comfort, safety and convenience of a lovely spa setting in downtown Tyler Texas: Mary's Reflexology & Trinity Healing.

Menu of Options:
60 minutes... $65
75 minutes.... $75
90 minutes.... $85
2/75 minutes.... $140

By Appointment Only:






Surrendering all concerns, desires, and stress for a period of time can lead to a very profound state of meditation during the massage where the Infinite can be accessed. Because the usual detrimental mental agitations are missing during this period of time, profound change can occur which ripple out as positive benefits. 



Dawn Breeze has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1998 when she graduated from Crystal Mountain Apprenticeship In The Healing Arts in Albuquerque New Mexico. During her apprenticeship she started her energywork training by becoming a Reiki I practitioner. Over the next 4 years she became a Reiki Master and eventually began to teach Reiki. This was only the beginning of the journey of incorporating energy consciousness into an already wholistic modality of touch. She has since incorporated many energy based models including Ho’oponopono, EFT, Accupressure,Reconnective Healing, TTouch, BodyTalk Access, Matrix Energetics, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Work, Sound Healing, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi. Now, Dawn is a full time student of Source Principles in the form of Mystic 7, and allows these principles to guide her during her massage practice, foregoing all intentions and moving gracefully through Infinity.


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