The Great Room at the Samadhi Retreat provides room for yoga, indoor camping on air mattresses, & discourse area during Samadhi Silent Retreats

The Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center is a 5,200 square foot adobe style ranch house recently remodeled as a non-profit Monastery and Meditation Center. It is located on 23 acres of beautiful woodlands with a 7-acre lake near Athens Texas, about an hour and a half south of Dallas.

The Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center is currently hosting 3-day Silent Retreats every couple of months and is also available to host outside events as well.  

David Browning is the primary facilitator at the Center and hosts weekly meditation groups throughout Texas. David is also available for personal Spiritual Awakening Coaching on a one-on-one basis at the Retreat by appointment as a personal get-away retreat.

The Samadhi Retreat is also available for overnight stays through our Airbnb listing below.




by Dawn Baker, Center Volunteer

When first driving down the long winding road you get the opportunity to already begin to wind-down and leave your cares at the highway.  Tall piney trees whisper gently in the wind on your left side, then at your right, acres of naturally lush, deep green pastures flow gracefully... right up until the first frosts of Texas Novembers.  Many people are not aware of the fact, that it is only in the heart of East Texas, can you survive a drought.  Underneath the land are ancient aquifer systems, echos of volcanos from The Great Ice Age and there are over 10,000 artesian springs, lakes, streams, and rivers in East Texas alone.  

After a few minutes of turning off the main road, as you drive - you greet the stately iron gate that lies open to you.  A barn and other equipment shelters are positioned up at this point and is the epicenter of the maintenance tractors, tools, and equipment used to keep the 23 acres of wilderness and walking trails in working condition.  

Night The Samadhi Retreat and Meditation CenterDriving through the gate the dust road turns into asphalt, and since you are now driving at most, five miles per hour, it is easy to come to a rolling stop when the asphalt splits and separates.  At this moment, two drives steeply slope down to reveal an exquisite adobe looking Texas Ranch structure with a large mission bell crowning the building.  The towering second story has a large patio hand made by David Browning's father, who is also an author of several paranormal books and long fast engrained into the Unity and Religious Science foundations of spirituality and reverence to sacred spaces.

The Library at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation CenterUpon entering, it is polite to remove your shoes and place them in the enclave, so neat and tidy.  If you did not feel the magic upon driving up to this old beautiful rarity, you will surely feel it once inside as you enter the Great Room. A series of windows at the far side of the room immediately beckon the visitor to gaze deeply into the natural wilderness and possibly catch a glimpse of white geese landing upon the lake, or a large hawk soaring and winding through the trees to vast expansive openings.

Visitors with experience of sacred spaces immediately recognize the sanctity of the Great Room.  So many illuminated souls have inhabited the space, so many moments of bliss, nirvana and awakening. The natural structure is beautiful, indeed to behold - but when you take a look with a refreshed quantum perspective, you can see the incredible diversion in the zen-like sparse, but the ornamental infusion of religious, spiritual, and museum-worthy elements throughout the center.

The large wooden mast at the center of the great room was placed there in fact by one man.  Dick Browning, David's father. The tribal-style beam emanates the frontier-mindful determination of human spirit.  The Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center provides a fusion of the most advanced understanding of geomagnetic principles and harnessing of our natural world's structure, to amplify and resonate the most respected and revered spiritual practices.

Shaman, clairvoyance, advanced states of consciousness, releasing of life-long negative patterns, sobriety, transformation and illumination for all truth seekers has happened here - with complete devotion to Source - God and everything that is held in light, compassion, and giving.

I encourage you to visit the Samadhi Retreat and Meditation center, either through a workshop or booking a personal appointment with David Browning for spiritual counseling, an open house event and most certainly a massage from the co-founder, Dawn Lalla Breeze, a licensed massage therapist with former training in healing arts and energy modalities like Reiki and Tai Chi."  



Please let us know if you would like to donate to this worthy opportunity to benefit the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center.  Wait till you see the absolute beauty of this part of the country.  What a perfect place to find SILENCE.




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