Ancient Practices

During the Silent Retreats at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center, we practice a large variety of ancient arts, ceremonies, and exercises. All practices are designed for the specific purpose of inviting the thinking mind to slow down and settle, so the Source wisdom can reveal itself as an experience with profound significance. We do not practice these arts with their traditional purpose or intent, but only for the express purpose of quieting the mind so that you can have the Source Experience through Samadhi, without any dogma of separation.

These ancient arts include:

All of these practices can be considered meditations as they can all lead to the place of silence or Samadhi, which is the goal of any successful meditation.









"The benefit of practicing these ancient arts, is attaining the state of Samadhi or “Absolute Silence of the Mind.”  By utilizing a single point of focus, the practitioner can become so consumed in awareness that it can lead to a pause in the mind chatter, and then the silence of Samadhi can reveal inner truths that are rarely accessible."



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