Silent Retreats
Imagine Experience God at a Samadhi Silent Retreat; Discover God Within 

Very few people will speak the Truth to you and remind you of who you truly are . . .

"You are the Source!!"

"You are God"

"You are Buddha"

At a Samadhi Silent Retreat, you will be constantly and consistently reminded that you are God! You are everything! You are the Source and you are not limited by your body, your mind, or the laws of physics.

You are beyond all that! 

Our goal is to show you how to recognize and sustain Source-Awareness through the combined experiences of Samadhi, Source Experiences, and Self-Inquiry using a variety of practices that we will introduce you to during your silent retreat.

The Samadhi Silent Retreat will be beneficial if you are feeling an unrelenting and choiceless momentum to wake up from the body-mind delusion, to end all suffering, and to embody the state of Source-Awareness

There are two ways to reach this self-realized state of awareness: one is by spontaneous revelation, and the other is being guided by someone who has dissolved their ego, dissolved all illusory attachments, and dissolved delusional thinking.

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Awakened Guru SamadhiDev, David Browning at the Texas Meditation Samadhi RetreatDavid SamadhiDev Browning is uniquely qualified to burst your delusional bubble and instruct you in practices that lead to sustained Source-Awareness because he has spontaneously used or developed all these practices during the past 20 years and now lives in egoless sustained Source-Awareness. David expertly leads silent retreat participants through Ancient Practices, to the state of Samadhi which is the gateway to Source Experiences and instructs Self-Inquiry practices that dissolve the conditioned mind of its illusions.


  • Non-suffering = no grief, no depression, no regret, no worry, no fear, no ego
  • Non-attachment
  • Non-aversion
  • Equilibrium
  • Acceptance
  • Allowance
  • Wisdom
  • Bliss



Samadhi Silent Retreats feature the Mystic 7 Source Experiences

Unique, Dynamic, Transformative, Experience-Based & Not-So-Silent

At our Samadhi Silent Retreats you will let go of your daily distractions, while we lead you through yoga, ancient chanting (not so silent!), a cascade of premium quality incense; and delicious food - all designed to help you break away from negative thought patterns; so you can quiet your mind and go beyond, to the state of Samadhi.

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