Silent Retreats
Imagine Experience God at a Samadhi Silent Reteat; Discover God Within 

Very Few People Will Speak The Truth To You, To Remind You Of Who You Truly Are

Here at a Samadhi Silent Retreat you will be constantly and consistently reminded that "You Are The Source". But we don't mean your self-limited version of a body and mind; we are referring to YOU, the whole Source of everything. That is who you really are. You already know this deep inside your consciousness and have had glimpses all through your life, those moments of remembering; we call them "Source Experiences".

Some of you are feeling the desire to wake up now from the body/mind delusion, to end your suffering, and to embody the state of the Self-Realized God Awareness. There are two ways to reach this Self-Realized state of awareness: one is by spontaneous revelation, and the other is being guided by someone who has overcome their ego, eliminated all illusory attachments, and become established over “time” to withstand the frequent temptations of delusional thinking.

We are now holding private silent retreats to facilitate the opportunity for participants to have their own experience as Source-Awareness and to learn the skills of self-inquiry. These retreats are arranged for 3-7 people as the demand is created. When you are ready to schedule your own Private Retreat contact us for available dates. CONTACT US>>


David Browning SamadhiDev has had the Enlightenment experience and has gone "Beyond Enlightenment" and now abides in the state of "Kaivalya" or the Self-Realized God Awareness. David expertly leads Silent Retreat participants through Ancient Practices, to the state of Samadhi which is the Gateway to Source Experiences.


Permanent Benefits of Self-Realized God Awareness; "Kaivalya"

  • Abide in a blissful, non-judgmental state of consciousness
  • Allow all circumstances their own perfection
  • Free yourself from the pain caused by the veil of separation
  • Experience emotions as phenomena without attachment
  • KNOW you are the Eternal Infinite Unified Source
  • Recognize the Nothingness, and the Emptiness of all nature
  • Eliminate all suffering from your own life, and understand the suffering of “others”







Samadhi Silent Retreats feature the Mystic 7 Source Experiences

Unique, Dynamic, Transformative, Experience Based & Not-So-Silent


At a 3-day Samadhi Silent Retreat you will let go of your daily distractions, while we lead you through yoga, ancient chanting (not so silent!), a cascade of premium quality incense; and deliver to you delicious food - all designed to help you break away from negative thought patterns; so you can quiet your mind and go beyond, to the state of Samadhi.

Our Retreat Schedule Is Based Upon Emperical Evidence (Experience Based):

  • Hand-selected yoga and pranayama exercises
  • Research-based incense of the finest quality
  • Food that delivers your body the nutritional qualities of an advanced meditative state
  • Contemplative Koan Practice (Derived from Zen Buddhism)
  • Guided Meditations for chakra clearing and balancing 
  • Discourse and question/answer period for students
  • Evening Bhakti Celebration of Spirit



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