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Enlightenment Questions

Your Enlightenment Questions


  • What is meditation?What Is Enlightenment? What Is Meditation? How Will I Know When I'm Enlightened?  

Meditation is a practice in which an individual directs the mind to become fixated on a thought, action, image, sound, or smell in sustained focus which can allow the sense of personal identity to be set aside, while the mind abides in a state of nothingness or pure silence; also known as Samadhi. The goal of any meditation practice should be to attain the state of Samadhi. 

  • What are the benefits of meditation?  

The ultimate benefit of meditation is that it can lead to Samadhi. Conventional benefits include: decreased stress levels, improved immunity, lower inflammation, decreased pain, sharpened attention and memory.

  • What is Samadhi?  

Samadhi is the pure and absolute “Silence of the Mind”. The Samadhi state of consciousness is marked by the absence of a perceiver. When you come out of this state all you will remember is that there was "no thought". Since the personal identity was set aside, there is no perceiver in the Samadhi state noticing colors, or thoughts, or time. However, in Samadhi everything exists, all knowledge and experience of the entire universe abides in this silent nothingness; you just won’t notice it without the perceiver. If you are thinking, or viewing, or visiting other planets... you are not in the state of Samadhi. 

  • What are the benefits of Samadhi?  

Samadhi is the gateway to Source Experiences. Repeated states of Samadhi increase the likelihood of Source Experiences. Sustained states of Samadhi indicate less time in the thinking mind which reduces the duration of the world-delusion of separation, limitation and loss; which is perpetuated and accelerated by continuous thinking.

  • What is a Source Experience?

The Source Experience is a moment of unveiled awareness following Samadhi in which the subjective awareness remembers the eternity, infinity or the indivisibility of the Source, because it is having an actual experience As The Source. Without the Source Experience, you are just creating a religion of faith that certain things are true, but never really KNOWING the truth. The Source Experience opens a window through the veil of ignorance that does not require belief to sustain; it is a knowing that lasts as long as you reinforce truths that are consistent with that knowing. The Mystic 7 Source Principles and the Self-Inquiry practice build on the Source Experience to help dismantle delusional thoughts and release conventional programming. You will recognize a Source Experience because it often comes with crying from bliss, or a tangible thrill in the body along with the realization of God Consciousness.

  • What is ENLIGHTENMENT, Self-Realization & God-Awareness?

Enlightenment is the Self-Realization of God Awareness. When you are living 24 hours a day in the knowingness that you, and everyone, and everything, is the indivisible Source, there is no suffering, there is no struggle, there is no regret, there is no worry, there is no fear. This is the state of pure awareness that is spoken of by the mystics in ancient texts, and indicates the states known as Christ & Buddha.

  • How do I become Enlightened?

There are two ways to become Enlightened; one is through spontaneous revelation; the other is the path of Samadhi-Source Experiences-Self Inquiry! In this way, you will engage in meditation practices that lead to Samadhi. If a practice is not leading to Samadhi, try something different. Notice Source Experiences. These can seem to happen without notice and not always in conjunction with meditation practices. They can just be a huge Ah-Ha of awareness that comes from out of nowhere. The Source Experience is the apex of knowingness. Immerse yourself in Self Inquiry practices to create a lifestyle and mentality that supports your own indivisible Source Awareness.

  • How will I know when I am fully Enlightened?What is Enlightenment? How will I know when I am Enlightened? What is a Spiritual Awakening?

When someone is fully Enlightened, they no longer exist in the individual sense; they are everything. They will look just like other people, but they have no preferences, nor desires, nor delusions about the world we seem to live in; they know it is all an illusion. An enlightened person knows that there is only the Source, and cannot be tricked into lack, loss, or separation mentality. They know that there is no one to pray to, no one to save, no one to heal, and no one to protect, because everyone and everything is the Source. They will not feel sorry for anyone, because they see the face of God in everyone, regardless of circumstances. This state is characterized by sustained bliss and unconditional acceptance.

  • What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A Spiritual Awakening is the apparent process of remembering that you are already the indivisible Source. There is nothing to attain, only a million concepts to get rid of. All concepts must be released, all dogma must be released, and all opinions, judgements, and beliefs must be released to awaken fully to your Divine Self Awareness. (Yes, even the Source Principles must be released after they have served their purpose.)


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