May You Always Abide In The Light Of Truth.          

-David Browning                        





Mystic 7 Prison Satsang

Mystic 7 Prison Satsang, Boyd Unit, TDCJ Prison Ministry Volunteers

Mystic 7 Prison Satsang

The Mystic 7 Prison Satsang is held every Friday at the Boyd Unit in Teague Texas, about an hour away from the Samadhi Retreat. We were first presented with this opportunity in September 2015 via a letter from an inmate at Boyd. The letter was a request for leadership in an Eastern Religion Fellowship for their small group of 10-15 participating inmates. In November, we took our prison volunteer training and then showed up at the Boyd Unit to meet this group of Buddhist and Hindu observers. I wish I could introduce all these guys to you, because they are very sincere in their spiritual growth and spiritual responsibility.  These men are seeing some wonderful by-products of this Satsang in their daily lives, within circumstances most of us cannot even imagine.

This is a volunteer service of the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center, any donations to this Prison Ministry are gratefully accepted.


New Book: The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment by David Browning and Lalla Dawn BreezeI have seen the "Mystic's Guide to Enlightenment: Seven Keys to Abiding in the Enlightened Mind" principles at work, in the most difficult setting of all, to catalyze transformation & set people free: prison. These principles do exactly that. It sets you free from the many shackles of the world that moor you to a lesser existence on earth. I became enthralled and set about discovering what it could do for me. Harden Wiedemann, Alpha Prisons & Re-entry, Dallas, Tx.

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Until You Free Your Mind, Everywhere Is PrisonNotes From The Inside
I finally understand Samadhi. I arrived at it three times, during our practice, and I haven’t been the same ever since. Whatever happened to me, followed me into the next day. I’m noticing things that never made an impression on me before. Small things seem wonderful. This morning, without any meditational effort on my part, I looked out the window and saw the rain falling, some birds flying, the wind blowing, and the trees swaying, simultaneously, all in the same moment of time, and it captivated me. I experienced Samadhi all over again. It feels like some huge spiritual door has been opened to me, because of what I experienced as a result of our practice yesterday. Thank you. (See Article "Spiritual Rebellion">>) --Chad B. 12/3/16 Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
For 38 years I was looking for God, seeking the Source, not realizing I was looking at him the whole time in a mirror. Now I have vanished. Living in divine nature, seeing you in divine nature, this is the truth. I have so much to say and nothing to say at the same time. These words were already embedded into our hearts at the beginning of time, just expressed or said differently. Sit and be still, listen to your mind, that’s the Source calling like an echo on a mountain top. Can you hear it? Ye are gods! Yes, you, him, her, every atom, we are all connected. Why is it so hard for people to grasp the concept? --T. Ruiz (God #2) 10/4/16 Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
Going to prison has a way of helping you find your spirituality. A friend invited me to the Buddha service and I said “why not”. After only a month of practicing my breathing exercises and my meditations, I’ve discovered that my entire spiritual journey was meant to lead me here. The mindfulness I’ve developed in my Buddha services has really awakened a more conscious side of me to fully live in the moment and be entirely aware of life has now become the only way I choose to live. --Esteban A. 9/14/16 Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
Your teachings have helped me let go of a lot of things I did not know I was holding onto: anger, frustration, resentment, also, self-hatred, The meditations I have learned in this satsang have eased my anxiety so I can actually focus on reading and learning, which I couldn't do before without drugs, this is really huge! --Rodney K.  7/20/16  Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
"I'm not in prison no more"....I’m close to something, I believe it’s God wanting me to wake up.  I’m trying to increase my meditation time practice. Things are moving fast for me, yet with a calmness from within. I look forward to our next encounter. Life Is Beautiful...“Just enjoying this magical place” --Danny I. 7/19/16 Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
I have discovered the power and beauty of bliss. In fact, in discovering how to be free anywhere and putting it in the perspective of: FREEDOM being a ‘mental state of being’, I’m not really looking forward to being paroled. This is the best place, the best circumstance I could put myself in to get a handle on identifying and eradicating all attachment. --Douglas O. 5/15/16 Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
Deep in the middle of the ocean of the mind there is no pollution. It is absolutely pure. That part is always content, it never likes or dislikes, it accepts everything; it is not proud and this is the true nature of yourself. The highest purpose we have in the life is to recognize our own awareness of Being as the universal self which has become everyone.   (See Article "Who Am I?">>) --Kristofer S. 3/23/16 Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry

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