Mystic 7 Experience


Whether attending a Mystic 7 Satsang, Workshop, Silent Retreat or enrolling and participating in a Mystic 7 Student Program; all of the Mystic 7 Programs have one thing in common, they are all designed to create an environment where the participant can attain the rarest state of consciousness known as Samadhi. For it is only in this state, when the ego has been left behind that we are able to have the direct personal experience that We Are The Source. And after attaining this state, and having these Source Experiences, these Mystic 7 Programs develop skills and facilitate a technique of Self-Inquiry, allowing the participant to become established in this Self-Realized Awareness.


"Source Experience"

This profound occurance only happens following moments of Absolute Silence Of The Mind or Samadhi. It  is prefaced by a state of Nothingness, or the absence of subject/object perception; followed by a "knowingness" of ultimate Source Awareness or truth - Satori.  This awareness of your true wholistic nature may be remembered in conjunction with an emotional or kinesthetic response of dynamic bliss, as you come back to subject/object perception.

 Mystic 7 Satsang

SATSANG is a Sanskrit word meaning the "coming together" of those who are aspiring to abide in the Self-Realization of God Consciousness in order to support each other's spiritual awareness.

Self-Realization has two aspects: the Direct Personal Experience of Source and the Self-Inquiry practice with Source Principles. In these Experience oriented Satsangs, we integrate the Mystic 7 Principles to hold a coherent space for our experiential Self-Awareness, led by Awakened Mystic, David Browning SamadhiDev. Satsangs include meditations, chanting, Samadhi Resin CeremoniesTM, creative projects, discourses, and group discussion.

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Student Programs

The Mystic 7 Student Programs invite and encourage interaction between the student, the Source Principles, the Source Experiences, and David Browning, Awakened Master. In this circular process you will begin to shed the mental paradigms that appear to block the knowledge that you are already The Source. The Mystic 7 Student Program is ideal for the student who has been looking for a mentor that will hold them to the Truth Principles of non-separation and non-limitation, while pointing out the obvious, and the ever-so-subtle inconsistencies. It is not the program for someone who is looking to further their ego by attaining a certificate of mastery in an esoteric system, or to become a disciple of a mystic. If you are ready to shed your illusory skin, this student program may be just right for you.

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Mystic 7 Workshops

David facilitates multiple workshops around Texas and the U.S. which are designed to explore the Principles of the Mystic 7, and how to apply them in our daily lives. The 7 Source Experiences provide the backdrop for exploration as we dive deeply into the attributes of The Source: Eternity, Infinity, Unity, and Nothingness to see where our daily thinking is perhaps out of alignment with truth and sustainable bliss. These truths are very compatible with the Principles of Unity, and very often David's workshops are held at Unity Centers. The purpose of these workshops is to provide the participants with an opportunity to have a Source Experience so they can discover the Truth that lies within them.

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Silent Retreats

The Samadhi Silent Retreats are an uncommon opportunity to Experience yourself as The Absolute Source. Surrounded by 65 acres of nature, including forest, lake and pasture land, you will unwind from the ever present cares and concerns of the world and experience 3 days of blissful immersion in Source Consciousness while communing with your inner wisdom like never before.

The retreat format is expertly facilitated by David Browning SamadhiDev who began having spontaneous Source Experiences in 1997 at his home in Canyon Lake Texas. He aspires to create an atmosphere conducive for others to have their own experiences of Source, and has been very successful at the Samadhi Retreat Center. David believes in being as comfortable as possible during the meditation practice, as this was his experience during his awakening process. You will not find another Silent Retreat like this anywhere.

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