Everyone Believes That God Is Within          


   But What If:          

   Everything Resides In God.          

-David Browning                        




THE SOURCEMystic 7 - The Source

All suffering arises from a single belief that you are separate from the Source.

You and everything in the infinite universe are the Source. It is that simple.

Any thought other than this is an illusion.

The only way to be truly happy and abide in eternal bliss, is to always see yourself and everything around you as God.

For it takes great energy to pretend to be a human being and to continue the façade of that which you are not; it takes nothing to realize you are the Source, and to be that which you naturally are.



All There Is, Is The Source; And You Are That Source.
All Thoughts Are Sacred, 
For "I" Have Conceived Them;
All Words Are Sacred, 
For “I” Have Spoken Them;
All Acts Are Sacred, 
For ”I” Created Them;
All Things Are Sacred, 
For “I” Am Them.
There Is No Path
To That Which You Already Are


RED FLAGS: Concepts & beliefs that make you an INDIVIDUAL, in violation of The Source Principle.

Check out these words and concepts in your daily language and see where you are focused on INDIVIDUALITY:

I. Me. Mine. My. My body. Myself. I am. Ego. Unique. Individual. Human being. Person. Personification. Identity. Identification. Self. Selfish. Selfless. One. Someone. Anyone. Everyone.

These RED FLAG words indicate that you think there is something other than the Source, some one you are trying to: Fix. Change. Save. Protect. Heal. Judge. Fight. Enlighten. Blame. Help. Cure. Nurture. Hurt. Love. Respect. Destroy. Attack. Defend. Punish. Teach. There is no one, there is only the Source!

“I am not who you think I am.
I do not want or need anything.
I do not long for change, salvation, healing, or enlightenment.
I have no need to blame, hurt, attack, or defend,
nor do I desire to protect, bless, help, or cure.
For there is no thing which is apart from me, beyond me, outside of me,
nor any thing which is not me.
I am indeed the infinite eternal Source,
both the allness and the nothingness.
I am the truth, consciousness, and bliss of pure awareness."

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Source: Ancient and Literary Insights Source: Ancient and Literary Insights