Nothing You See Is Real!          
Everything Abides          
In The Mind Of God.          
-David Browning                              

Nothingness Mystic7NOTHINGNESS

Nothingness is the state of samadhi – beyond enlightenment.

The unity experience dictates that there is no separation; and the only thing that cannot have separation is nothingness.

It is in this state of consciousness, beyond enlightenment, known as samadhi where one abides in no experience and without an experiencer.

It is here that one truly realizes that nothing is real, but instead, everything is simply illusion existing as thought within the infinite-consciousness.

However, do not be mistaken, for this is not the final awareness. You must now transcend nothingness itself and return to abide in a state of neither affirmation nor negation.

For even in nothingness the existence of everything-ness cannot be negated due to our experience of it. Even if it was not experienced, nothingness would still imply something-ness and duality would prevail.


The Unity Experience Dictates That
There Is No Separation;
And The Only Thing That Cannot
Have Separation Is Nothingness.
Therefore Nothing Is Real; Everything Is Illusion. 
When Consciousness Opens Its Eyes
The Characters & Props Of This Reality
Will Disappear Exactly
As Those In A Dream.



RED FLAGS: Concepts & beliefs that make you REAL, in violation of the Nothingness Principle.

Check out these words and concepts in your daily language and see where you are MAKING YOURSELF REAL:

Real. Solid. Reality. Here. Form. Matter. Material. Tangible. Real world. Earth. The planet, The universe. True. Physical. Atoms. Beings. Bodies. Experience. Manifestations. Creations. Particles. Substance. This. That. Things. Anything. Something. Everything. Vibration. Energy. Chakras. Attributes. Emotional body. Mental body. Physical body. Astral body. Light body. Etheric body. All concepts including: Light. Love. Peace. Harmony. Chi. Prana. Life force. Joy. Good. God. Devil. Evil. Wrong. Charity. Hope. Service. Gratitude. Duality. Unity. Eternity. Infinity.


Note: By affirming that something is not real, we are not saying that it does not exist; for everything exists and abides as thought within the mind-of-god.

"I am not tangible, nor am I real.
I have no physical body, nor planet, nor universe.
I have no atoms, nor material reality.
I am the stark absence of all concepts,
a state of consciousness devoid of all thoughts,
all energy, and all things.
I am the endless void where
the entirety of the unperceived universe exists.
I am indeed the infinite eternal Source,
both the allness and the nothingness.
I am the truth, consciousness, and bliss of pure awareness."

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