What Is          
Your True Nature?          
-David Browning                                           


Having abandoned all concepts, attachments, and aversions, you must now embrace them all . . . as your true nature.

You are the Source; you are the human; you are the animals; you are the trees; you are the oceans; you are the earth; you are the sky; you are the universe.

You are every thought, every emotion, every action, and every thing. You are the truth; you are the illusion; you are nothing . . . you are the Source.

All of these are your true nature; therefore you have no essential nature.


Having An "Essential Nature" Is A Concept. 
Having "No Essential Nature" Is Still A Concept. 
It Is Here In The Final Awareness . . .

That You Must Transcend All Conceptuality.
All Of Existence . . .
Is The Nature Of The Infinite, Veiled, And Illusory Manifestations 
Of Thought Abiding In The Mind Of God;

Of Thought Abiding In Your Mind As God!



RED FLAGS:  Concepts & beliefs that make you DEFINABLE, in violation of the No Essential Nature Principle.

Check out these words and concepts in your daily language and see where you are DEFINING YOURSELF:


Defined as something: I am this. The Source is this. God is this. It is human nature to do this. God would do this. God wants this.

Defined excluding anything: I am not that. The Source is not that. God is not that. It is not human nature to do that. God would not do that. God does not want that.

To be defined as anything attempts to exclude everything else. As the Source, I am both the infinite eternal everything and the infinite eternal nothingness. It is impossible for the Source to exclude anything, or to be one thing without being everything!

"I cannot be excluded from any part of creation,
because my nature is both nothing and everything.
I cannot be defined or limited to a singular nature,
nor can I be without a single nature.
I am nothing, and there is nothing that I am not.
Nothing exists except through me,
just like all the characters of a dream.
Every atom expresses my divine, all-encompassing,
all-pervasive nature.
I am every thing, every where, every time
while remaining nothing at all.
I am indeed the infinite eternal Source,
both the allness and the nothingness.
I am the truth, consciousness, and bliss of pure awareness."
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