All Manifestations.
          Both Have Always Existed
          Together Throughout
          Beginingless Time.
                               -David Browning


Ultimate indefinable unity through non-conceptuality. The end of duality.

If you say, “I am human”, you are affirming something. If you say, “I am not human, I am the Source”, you are negating something and affirming something else. Beyond the affirmation and the negation, what are you?

Neither affirmation nor negation is going beyond all conceptuality, and there is no longer any ground to stand upon. Nothing is definable.

Beyond the obvious contradictions of true and false, good and bad, real and unreal, there is a space where neither exists.

This space has no opposite and no duality; it just is, and can not be defined. This may sound unsettling, but it is in fact, the greatest liberation to ever be attained.


Whether You Are In Support Of Something  
Or Opposed To Something;
Only The Color Of The Bars, Brick & Mortar Have Changed;
You Are Still Attended By The Same Staff. 
The Moment You Take A Stand
You Have Already Lost The Game.




RED FLAGS: Concepts & beliefs that make you CONCEPTUAL, in violation of the Neither Affirmation Nor Negation Principle.

Check out these words, actions and concepts in your daily language and see where you are believing CONCEPTS:

Affirming or negating, agreeing or disagreeing, accepting or rejecting, supporting or opposing what is: Truth or untruth. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Fair or unfair. Better or worse. Sensible or non-sensible. Logical or illogical. Correct or incorrect. Positive or negative. Valid or invalid. Justice or injustice. Enlightenment or ignorance. Something or nothing. Acceptable or non-acceptable. Real or unreal. Yes. No.

Taking a stand is an indicator that you are either affirming something or negating something and therefore are attached to an illusory concept based on: Facts. Truths. Absolutes. Judgments. Opinions. Beliefs. Fears. Consensus. Prejudices. Principles. Proof.

Demonstrations of taking a stand are: Fighting. Defending. Attacking. Proving. Demanding proof. Arguing. Convincing. Debating. Persuading. Coercing. Manipulating. Suppressing. Withholding. Refusing. Protesting. Advocating. Endorsing.

"I cannot be explained with thoughts, words, or perceptions.
I am beyond the polarities of judgment
and cannot be contained within a finite concept.
I recognize neither good nor bad,
nor right or wrong.
I am neither everything nor nothing,
neither subject nor object.
I am beyond proof. I am beyond description. I am beyond truth.
I am indeed the infinite eternal Source,
beyond the allness and the nothingness.
I am the truth, consciousness, and bliss of pure awareness."


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