In Every Color          
      Is The Light          
                                                                  - David Browning                                         

Infinity Mystic7INFINITY

As long as you believe you are a human being, you will see yourself as limited.

When you remember that you are the Source, you will perceive your infinite nature.

You cannot make a right choice or a wrong choice. As the Source you are choiceless because you are already doing everything everywhere throughout time.

As long as you desire anything you are abiding in a state of lack. As the Source you already have and are everything.



The Moment You Try To Get Rid Of,
Change, Create, Or Fix Anything, 
You Have Attempted To Make Yourself,
As God Finite.
Until You Love Everyone
You Can Love No One
As Long As You See 
The Negative Things
As Not God, 
You Will Never Know Him



RED FLAGS: Concepts & beliefs that make you LIMITED, in violation of the Infinity Principle.

Check out these words and concepts in your daily language and see where you are LIMITING YOURSELF:

Finite. Limited. Lack. Scarcity. Attached. Bound. Wants. Desires. Hopes. Wishes. Intentions. Demands. Needs. Choice. Preferences. Comfort zone. Conditions. Can’t. Shouldn’t. Mustn’t. Don’t. Won’t. Forbidden. Impossible. Never. Stop. Prevented. Not allowed. Not permitted. Denied. Disallowed. Deprived. Should. Must. Have To. Supposed to. Ought to. Required. Mandatory. Obliged. Definite. Definable. Conditional. Measurable. Control. Change. Manipulate. Withhold. Withdraw. Constrict. Restrict. Restrain. Confine. Contain. Caged. Trapped. Bondage. Anchored. Tethered. Concepts.

Any words that express: Borders. Limitations. Boundaries. Parameters. Stereotypes. Profiles. Rules. Laws. Prejudice. Judgments. Opinions. Beliefs. Expectations. Standards. Principles. Covenants. Convictions. Obligations. Fears. Morals. Ethics. Religions. Names. Labels. Boxes. Categories. Defining. Describing.

"I cannot be limited, deprived, bound, nor controlled.
I have no desires, nor demands, nor hopes for any preference or condition.
No thing is forbidden or prohibited,
nor is a thing mandatory, nor conditional.
I can never experience lack, greed, nor jealousy, nor be without a single thing.
I am the unlimited Source of every possibility
which exists in an infinite array of expressions.
I am indeed the infinite eternal Source,
both the allness and the nothingness.
I am the truth, consciousness, and bliss of pure awareness."
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