Which Is Older:
          The Flower That Blooms In     
          The Morning Dew,
          Or The Sun That Shines Upon It?
                        -David Browning


The greatest illusion of death is that such a thing exists.

For a species of animals that claims to have such a superior intellect, it seems amazing that we have a word for, grieve over, and are in so much fear of death, something that does not even exist.

Every thought, every emotion, feeling and experience has existed since beginning-less time and will exist forever. Nothing has ever been born, and nothing will ever die.

Once you have the direct experience and abide in the eternal nature of yourself and all of existence . . .
loss, grief, and fear can never touch you again.



There Is No Death, There Is No Birth;
There Was No Beginning, And There Is No End;
That Which Exists Has Always Existed;
And Shall Always Be.
The Ignorant One Knows Only Death;
The Blind One, Heaven & Hell;
But The Wise One Knows No Death;
And Forever Plays In Immortality.




RED FLAGS: Concepts & beliefs that make you TEMPORARY, in violation of the Eternity Principle.

Check out these words and concepts in your daily language and see where you are making yourself TEMPORARY:

Create. Manifest. Arising. Arose. Emerging. Creation. New. Made. Become. Future. Came forth. Conjures up. Born. Live. Birth. Birthday. Beginning. Began. Reborn. Born again. Reincarnation. Past. Memory. Change. Remember. Anniversary. Cause & effect. Prior. Before. Origin. Consecutive. Consequent. Progress. Aging. Next. When. Again. Death. Dying. Dead. Deceased. Die. Departed. Destroyed. Destruction. Mortality. Passed away. Murder. Kill. Homicide. Suicide. Genocide. Time. End. Finished. Lost. Lose. Left. Missed. Done. Over. Gone. Extinct. Waste. Expired. Perished. Demolished. Obliterated.

"I cannot be considered temporary as nothing can be born.
I cannot arise, begin, nor emerge,
nor can I die, depart, pass away, or end.
Neither can I create, manifest, nor conjure something new,
because every thing has existed eternally.
I cannot experience grief, nor sorrow, nor fear of loss.
Neither death nor extinction, nor reincarnation, nor memory are real at all.
I am indeed the infinite eternal Source,
both the allness and the nothingness.
I am the truth, consciousness, and bliss of pure awareness."

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