The Mystic 7 Experiences:   

   Seven Source Experiences   

   Take You Beyond Enlightenment,   

   Eliminating All Suffering         




The Mystic 7 Principles

The Mystic 7 Principles are based on the seven direct personal Source Experiences that a person has during the Awakening process. 
  1. The Source Experience
  2. The Eternity Experience
  3. The Infinity Experience
  4. The Unity Experience
  5. The Nothingness Experience
  6. The Neither-Nor Experience
  7. The No Essential Nature Experience

The Mystic 7 Principles, based on the seven Source Experiences are used to hold the state of awareness necessary to abide in the Enlightened Mind. While each of these principles make perfect sense when you read them, they are not so evident in our daily lives.  We have provided a list of "Stop Signs," which are words and phrases that indicate when you are not thinking in Ultimate Awareness. Consistent practice with these "Stop Signs" will help you to hold an expanded awareness more conducive for Truth.

On the following pages we have provided:

  • The Mystic 7 Experience/Principle with a Sutra for clarification 
  • Daily Applications:  The Stop Signs which indicate when your thinking is out of alignment with the Mystic 7 Experience/Principle
  • Ancient and Literary Insight Quotes related to the Mystic 7 Experience/Principle
  • Koan/Sutra images to reinforce the Mystic 7 Experience/Principle

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3 Essentials Are Necessary To Becoming Established In The Enlightened Mind 
  1. Samadhi: The Absolute Silence of The Mind

  2. Source Experiences: Direct personal Experiences as The Source

  3. Self-Inquiry: The constant practice of Source Principles to dismantle the Delusional Perception

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Abiding In The Enlightened Mind cannot be learned, it must be Experienced; and an environment conducive to Truth must be cultivated to live in an Awakened state. New habits of thinking have to be practiced consistently, or the experience will be forgotten, and conventional "reality" will preside.

The Mystic 7 Experience/Principles are the inspired Experiences that David Browning had during his awakening process, and have been mentioned in many mystical writings, including the Ashtavakra Gita, Vasistha's Yoga, Osho's works, Zen works, Hindu texts, and Buddhist texts.  To some extent they also exist in the mystical Christian sacred writings as well, if you look deep enough. 

To fully integrate this information and abide in the Enlightened Mind, these Principles must be Experienced, they can not just be learned and mastered philosophically. Your own direct Experience As Source will be the only guidance to embrace and accept.