The Mystic 7 Experiences:   

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   Take You Beyond Enlightenment,   

   Eliminating All Suffering         




Reality vs. Existence

No thing has ever been created, manifested, nor materialized, everything is just a collection of thoughts within the Mind of The Source. Nothing Is Real. However, Everything Exists; like a dream, or a holographic image since beginningless time and into eternity; but it only exists on the infinite dreamscape in the Mind Of God. 

Ultimately there are actually no dimensions of time or space; nor are there any physical, ethereal or spiritual “realities” at all. We appear to exist within a “reality” which is actually only illusory, an appearance without substance as affirmed by Quantum Physics.   

“The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.” - Werner Heisenberg, Quantum Physicist

The belief in "reality" brings suffering, the recognition of existence brings peace. There is a vast difference between knowing and experiencing that everything exists within the Mind of God; and believing the illusory perception that everything is emphatically “real”. Torturing yourself with “reality” is a learned behavior, it can be unlearned using Self-Inquiry methods.  
Your body is not “real”, but it does exist. 
Your possessions are not “real” but they do exist. 
Your house is not “real”, but it does exist. 
Your parents are not “real”, but they do exist. 
Your memories are not “real”, but they do exist. 
“God” is not “real”, but it does exist. 
Your “past” is not “real”, but it does exist within You, As The Source.

Within the Enlightened Mind As The Source, everything still exists, and can be enjoyed; it is simply seen in its purest state, not mistaken as “real”, and thereby experienced without suffering. This is a very difficult concept to understand and even harder for the mind to accept and continually abide within. But as you go deeper into the Mystic 7 Principles and reach the final three awarenesses – “Nothingness,” “Neither Affirmation Nor Negation” and “No Essential Nature” – it will become more clear why the Mystics, Sages and Saints since the beginning of time have continually stated: 

All This Dwells In The Lord; All This Dwells Within You... “Isha Vasyam Idam Sarvam”.