The Mystic 7 Experiences:   

   Seven Source Experiences   

   Take You Beyond Enlightenment,   

   Eliminating All Suffering         





A critical necessity for our ability to discuss any subject at the highest level, is to illustrate how Conventional (or apparant) awareness is distinctly different than Ultimate (or true) awareness. An infinite number of things can be true on the Conventional level, however there are only a very few truths at the Ultimate level; all of which must be eventually abandoned because The Absolute Ultimate Truth cannot be spoken.

This is the way things seem to exist. It does not mean that you know about them or experience them personally. 

Apparent: This is the way things appear but in fact has nothing to do with how they truly exist except within your own mind and experience. (The Sun’s position, Solid Forms, Birth/Death, Individuality, Duality, etc.)

Actual: This is the way the universe exists based on currently accepted and the so-called proven facts of science. It can also include reality based on spiritual and metaphysical experiences. The problem with actual reality is that it is always changing as human knowledge of the universe expands and therefore can never be actually how reality exists from an ultimate perspective. ("The world is flat", "man will never fly", "the smallest object in the universe is an atom", "it is impossible for an object to travel faster than light", etc.)

Theoretical: The proposed reality based on Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics and Metaphysics (i.e. quantum leap, the multiverse, Life after Death, etc.) Whereas these theories were recently considered science fiction, they will surely be proven in the near future and become our “Actual Reality” with future theories beyond our current capacity of understanding becoming our “Theoretical Reality.” As with actual reality, theoretical reality is ever-changing and therefore cannot be how reality exists from an ultimate perspective.

If we determine that neither apparent, nor actual or theoretical reality is how the universe ultimately exists, we must then look deeper into the nature of our own existence to find the truth.


In Ultimate Reality, everything in the perceivable and non-perceivable universe resides within the Source. There is no separation or physicality; everything is simply an infinite collection of thought and experience abiding within the mind of God!

This is all information that is held within both the Collective Consciousness and the Individual Consciousness. You hold within your mind the way things exist in an infinite variety of conventional and ultimate forms, but do not necessarily experience them in that way. This knowledge can be accessed by anyone at any time, however we are usually limited to societal teachings or knowledge derived from direct experiences.


Intellectual: This is usually associated with the brain. As with conventional reality, “Conventional Knowledge” applies to knowledge that is based on experiences, information and facts currently accepted by our society as a whole. It usually pertains to scholastic (how we learn/2+2=4), social (how we act/if I am pretty people will like me) and economic (how we survive/if I have a job I can buy groceries) dynamics of our existence. Conventional knowledge is bound by ignorance and arrogance.

Spiritual: This is usually associated with the heart and soul. Conventional spiritual knowledge differs slightly from intellectual knowledge, as it is not based on so-called scientific fact. Instead it is the category of knowledge that pertains to the ethereal realms which includes personal faith, belief, intuition and multi-dimensional experiences; however, this too is still bound by dogma, separation and mortality.


Ultimate knowledge is centered in ageless truths: The Three Foundational Principles and The Mystic 7.

Three Foundational Principles:

  1. Source: The Source Is All That Exists
  2. Consciousness: The Source Is Aware and Non-Aware
  3. Existence: Everything Is Illusory & Abides Within The Mind Of Source

Mystic 7:

All There Is, Is The Source which is Eternal, Infinite, Oneness & Nothingness,

Neither Affirmable Nor Negatable, with No Essential Nature

This is the way one perceives the world based on the knowledge and experiences they have.


This is different for every individual or expression of the Source. It is determined by a variety of factors including form, location, time, knowledge, experience and the particular reality or “State Of Consciousness” one has apparently manifested within.


Ultimate Awareness is continually abiding in the infinite and varying “States of Consciousness.” I call this, Seeing Through The Eyes of God! It is the uninterrupted state of the enlightened mind seeing everything in both their ultimate and conventional existence. In this state of consciousness one simultaneously experiences reality in its conventional manifestation with all the associated physical, emotional and intellectual properties and afflictions while at the exact same instant perceiving its supreme nature of emptiness and being completely liberated from concepts or attachment.

Conventional Reality is Illusory and Apparent Only.

 Conventional Reality is the realm of the “mind” projection.

Conventionally you appear to be an individual; temporary, limited, separate, tangible, definable, and excluding.

Conventional reality is based on our 5 apparent senses and our conditioned beliefs of how things appear to exist.

Ultimate Existence is Infinite Consciousness or Pure Awareness Only. is the realm of Truth.

Ultimately, you are NOT an individual, You Are God, Ultimately, you are NOT temporary, You Are God,
Ultimately, you are NOT limited, You Are God, Ultimately, you are NOT separate, You Are God,
Ultimately, you are NOT tangible, You Are God, Ultimately, you are NOT definable, You Are God,
Ultimately, you are NOT excluding, You Are God.

Ultimately Everything Exists In The Mind Of God, Everything Is An Illusion, Nothing Is Real.
This may not seem important but it is critical to understand and recognize that the mind is continually reverting back to the conventional.

"It is not until the recognition of ONENESS is established in every moment about every thought and experience that one can escape the bondage of illusion, and abide in our natural state of Enlightenment." ...David Browning