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3 Steps To Truth; A Self-Inquiry Practice

This is a practice designed to alleviate suffering caused by anger, fear, grief, regret, sorrow, jealousy, and greed. All of this suffering has been created by abiding in an illusory state-of-consciousness in which you perceive yourself as being separate from the Source and everything around you. This practice of self-inquiry assists in dissolving the delusion of separation, limitation, and loss to make way for blissful truth. This process is not designed to solve the conventional problem! It is designed to allow you to use a conventional problem to discover the truth while attaining full self-awareness.

It is important to begin whenever you realize that you are suffering. No matter how much time has passed since the incident which caused the distress. The first step is the hardest... stop! If you never stop the mind's incessant chatter that tries to separate you from others, the delusion will persist forever. Every delusion is caused by the mistaken thought that you are separate from anything or anyone, self-inquiry reveals the antidote for this misperception.

The 3 Steps To Truth:
2. ILLUSION: What Is The Illusion
3. TRUTH: Remember The Truth 

STOP...The first step is realizing that you are caught in an illusion and to STOP. This is the hardest part of the practice; remembering to STOP blaming, STOP defending, STOP justifying, STOP the mind, STOP the reaction, and STOP the response to the mistaken thought. When you have stopped, whether it is 2 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, or 10 years later; it is time to begin the Self-Inquiry. The sooner you STOP the mind, and start the Self-Inquiry, the better!

ILLUSION...What Is The Illusion? There are 7 common illusions which cause every delusion. They are all based on your mistaken belief that you are separate from the Source. Inquire: 
1. Do you believe you are an individual?
2. Do you believe you are temporary?
3. Do you believe you are limited?
4. Do you believe you are separate?
5. Do you believe you are real?
6. Do you believe you are conceptual?
7. Do you believe you are definable?

TRUTH...Remember The Truth! Each of these illusions has an antidote, which are the Mystic 7 Truths:

1. You are not an individual, you are the Source
2. You are not temporary, you are eternal
3. You are not limited, you are infinite
4. You are not separate, you are the unity
5. You are not real, you are the nothingness
6. You are beyond concepts, you can be neither affirmed nor negated
7. You are not definable, you are everything and you are nothing, so you have no essential nature


Self-Inquiry Application:


  • Remember #1: You are the Source. Everything is the Source. You are everything. (Source)
  • Remember #2: Everything is eternal. Nothing was ever born or created. Nothing dies. (Eternity)
  • Remember #3: You cannot limit anyone or anything, including yourself. (Infinity)
  • Remember #4: We are One. There is nothing separate from you! Everything is the same One. (Unity)
  • Remember #5: Nothing is real. Everything is happening in the mind-of-god. (Nothingness)
  • Remember #6: If you take a stand you have already lost. (Neither Affirmation Nor Negation)
  • Remember #7: You are everything & you are nothing. You cannot be defined. (No Essential Nature) 

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Short list of RED FLAGS that indicate illusion. Watch out for these words and concepts
  1. #1 The Source: I. I am. Me. My. Mine. Ego. Unique. Individual. Identity. Self. One. Someone. Anyone. Everyone. Who are you trying to: Fix. Change. Save. Protect. Heal. Judge. Fight. Enlighten. Blame. Help. Cure. Nurture. Hurt. Love. Respect. Destroy. Attack. Defend. Punish. Teach. There is no one, there is only the one Source! 
  2. #2 Eternity: Create. Manifest. New. Made. Become. Future. Born. Birth. Beginning. Began. Reincarnation. Past. Memory. Change. Remember. Cause & effect. Prior. Before. Origin. Next. When. Again. Death. Die. Mortality. Passed away. Kill. Time. End. Finished. Lost. Gone.
  3. #3 Infinity: Finite. Limited. Lack. Scarcity. Attached. Bound. Wants. Desires. Hopes. Wishes. Intentions. Demands. Needs. Choice. Preferences. Comfort zone. Conditions. Can’t. Shouldn’t. Mustn’t. Don’t. Won’t. Prohibit. Stop. Forbidden. Impossible. Never. Prevented. Not allowed. Not permitted. Denied. Disallowed. Deprived. Should. Must. Have to. Supposed to. Ought to. Required. Mandatory. Conditional. Control. Change.
  4. #4 Unity: Others. Two. He. She. You. Yours. They. Ego. Body. Mind. Soul. Separation. Different. Eliminate. Exclude. Together. Relationship. With. And. Unite. Merge. Connection. Duality. Attached. Union. Somebody. Anybody. Everybody. This vs. That. Here vs. There. Us vs. Them. Me vs. You.
  5. #5 Nothingness: Real. Solid. Reality. Here. Matter. Material. Tangible. Real world. Earth. The planet. The universe. True. Physical. Atoms. Beings. Bodies. Creations. This. That. Things. Anything. Something. Everything. Vibration. Energy. Chakras. All concepts including: Light. Love. Peace. Harmony. Chi. Joy. God. Devil. Evil. Wrong. Good. Charity. Hope. Service.
  6. #6 Neither Affirmation Nor Negation:  Truth or untruth. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Fair or unfair. Better or worse. Correct or incorrect. Fighting. Defending. Attacking. Proving. Demanding proof. Arguing. Disagreeing. Taking a stand. Yes. No.
  7. #7 No Essential Nature: Defined as something: I am this. The Source is this. God is this. It is human nature to do this. God would do this. God wants this. Defined excluding anything: I am not that. The Source is not that. God is not that. It is not human nature to do that. God would not do that. God does not want that. 

"It is not until the recognition of ONENESS is established in every moment about every thought and experience that one can escape the bondage of illusion, and abide in our natural state of Enlightenment." ...David Browning