The Mystic 7 Experiences:   

   Seven Source Experiences   

   Take You Beyond Enlightenment,   

   Eliminating All Suffering         




The Three Foundational Principles

1. The Source
There Is A Source

It is believed that there is an energy, nature, or force that exists. Some call it Brahman, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, or God; others refer to it as their higher power, the Self, or infinite-consciousness. But no matter what it is called or the name given, it is all the same. It is the Source which is both the dreamer of all existence as well as the dream. This Source is inexpressible, undefinable, and indescribable because it is both nothing and everything. In the ultimate awareness of truth this Source is all that exists, there is nothing else!

2. Consciousness
Consciousness Is The Mind-Of-God

In the context of this presentation consciousness is ultimately defined as the mind-of-god, and described as the subtlest aspect of the Source, which is fundamental to both awareness and non-awareness. In its purest state, consciousness is non-dual and non-subjective. However, through the infinite states-of-awareness, consciousness allows the Source the ability to be both non-aware and the subjective observer of the boundless illusion.

3. Existence
All Existence Abides Within The Mind-Of-God

There are actually no dimensions of time or space, or any physical, ethereal, or spiritual realities at all! Everything in the perceivable and non-perceivable universe is simply an infinite collection of thoughts and experiences abiding within the mind-of-god as illusory reality. What apparently creates these illusory realities are the infinite states-of-awareness that the Source itself abides within while witnessing through thought-forms veiled from their true nature. It is through this process that the Source gets to experience itself as separate, limited, and individualized, and thus, all objective and subjective worlds are perceived.

The Three Foundational Principles of the Mystic 7 and Source Consciousness