The Mystic 7 Experiences:   

   Seven Source Experiences   

   Take You Beyond Enlightenment,   

   Eliminating All Suffering         




3 Essentials

To Becoming Established In The Enlightened Mind


1. Become Aware of SAMADHI
(Samadhi = Silence)

Samadhi is a state of consciousness marked by the absolute silence of the mind, where there is no observer and nothing observed, in the state of Nothingness. The practice of any variety of meditations or practices that lead to the complete silence of Samadhi is essential to eventually having a Source Experience, which is of utmost importance. If a meditation is not leading to Samadhi, it is useless for becoming established in the enlightened mind.

Recognizing Samadhi: You will not know that you have been in Samadhi until afterwards, and this is observable because sounds, smells, or other perceptions become obvious again after a noticeable absence. It is important to recognize that the pure thought-free silence of Samadhi has occurred, even if it was only a fraction of a second.
Recognizing What Pulls You Out Of Samadhi: Realizing what pulls you out of Samadhi will help you discover strategies so you can remain in this state of consciousness longer or more frequently.


(Source Experiences = Direct Personal Experience As Source)

The direct personal experience as Source happens in the gap between Samadhi and subjective perception. It is an essential knowingness, which is imperative to becoming established in the enlightened mind. A Source Experience is not perceived subjectively but can feel like a flood of perceptions without thought concepts. The Source Experience is non-volitional and is only obtained following Samadhi, but may not be realized after every Samadhi event. 

Recognizing A Source Experience: You will not know that you have had a Source Experience until afterward. In other words, you will not know it while you are IN IT, because there is no subjective observer, nor thoughts, nor concepts present in this state.  The experience is very obvious to one or more of the senses, and can feel overwhelming or subtle, but it will always feel distinctly profound.
Recognizing The Flavor: When returning to a subjective state of consciousness following Samadhi and a Source Experience, you may recognize a "flavor" of the Source (i.e: Eternity, Infinity, Unity, Nothingness).  It is not important to label the flavor of the experience, but it is very important to recognize that the Source Experience has occurred.


3. Become Active at SELF-INQUIRY
(Self-Inquiry Dismantles The Mind and Actualizes Source Experiences)

It is essential to purposefully contemplate Source Principles daily which are congruent with the truth of your own Source Experiences. Practicing self-inquiry using these Principles serves to dismantle the delusional perception of conditioned awareness, and actualizes your awareness of truth. Source Experiences must be recognized, and delusional perception must be dismantled through self-inquiry to become established in the enlightened mind.

"You don't just fall into Enlightenment, you have to dismantle the mind."

Practicing Self-Discipline: There are vast contradictions between Source Principles and the conditioned human awareness (delusional perception), especially in today's fast-paced, consumer-driven world. The first step in self-discipline is to STOP. The reactions have to stop, the excuses have to stop, and the mind itself has to stop. The mind has sustained the illusion, and now we will use it to stop the delusion. Once you have stopped a delusional thought, you can begin to question and release the beliefs, concepts, and emotions related to limitation, loss, and separation using the 3 Steps To Truth self-inquiry method which applies the Mystic 7 Source Principles. This takes great strength, courage and loads of practice, but the ability to remain blissful in the enlightened mind makes it all worthwhile.


You will discover that the Mystic 7 Source Principles are common to all mystical writings over thousands of years, as they describe the direct personal experiences of Infinite Consciousness. You can expect these experiences as part of the awakening process. Once you begin to recognize them, they will become more frequent. The RED FLAGS on each of the Mystic 7 Principle pages point to contradictory thoughts and concepts in conditioned thinking and can be used as a Self-Inquiry practice that leads to dismantling the mind while embracing your innate Source wisdom.