The Mystic 7 Experiences:   

   Seven Source Experiences   

   Take You Beyond Enlightenment,   

   Eliminating All Suffering         






Mystic 7 Definition:
The Mystic 7 is a list of the common mystical experiences that every master, mystic, saint, and sage has reported during their awakening into the mystical state known as enlightenment or self-realization.

These mystical experiences have been written about since beginning-less time in all of the sacred texts and poetry by those who have had the God Experience to try and express that knowing which is inexpressible. These seven experiences can also be the tools and intellectual practices of self-inquiry that allow the practitioner to become established and abide in the unbroken awareness that they are the Source.

The Enlightened Mind:

#1 Source

#2 Eternity

#3 Infinity

#4 Unity

The first 4 of the Mystic 7 are the direct personal experiences and supporting principles of self-inquiry that allow the practitioner to become liberated from the products of mental processes which have been reinforced for thousands of lifetimes. These beliefs that we are an individual, mortal, finite, and separate from the Source and everything around us, are the illusory components of the mind that keep us imprisoned in a state of delusion and suffering.

Beyond Enlightenment:

#5 Nothingness

#6 Neither Affirmation Nor Negation

#7 No Essential Nature

The final 3 of the Mystic 7 are the direct personal experiences and supporting principles of self-inquiry that allow the practitioner to finally transcend all conceptuality and become liberated from the mind itself. It is in this ultimate and established state of infinite consciousness that all suffering is removed, and one abides in the sustained bliss & pure awareness known as "Kaivalya", “Self-Realization” or “God Consciousness”.The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment by David Browning and Lalla Dawn Breeze


To begin working with the self-inquiry presented by these mystical experiences, we recommend the book The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment written by David SamadhiDev Browning and Lalla Dawn Breeze.


The Mystic 7 Experiences:

The Source

There Is A Source, Everything Is The Source, And You Are This Source. All suffering arises from a single belief that you are separate from the Source. The only way to be truly happy and abide in eternal bliss is to always see yourself and everything around you as God. For it takes great energy to be a human being . . . to continue the façade of that which you are not, it takes nothing to realize you are the Source and be that which you naturally are.



The Greatest Illusion Of Death, Is That Such A Thing Exists. For a species of animals that claims to have such superior intellect, I find it amazing that we have a word for, grieve over, and are in so much fear of, something that doesn’t even exist. Every thought, every emotion, feeling, and experience has existed since beginningless time and will always exist. Nothing has ever been born, and nothing will ever die. Once you have the direct experience and abide in the eternal nature of yourself and all of existence . . . the afflictions of loss, grief, and fear can never touch you again. 



You As The Source Are Infinite . . . Period. As long as you are bound by the concepts of physical reality you will never be free. It is not until you transcend these ideas and remember that you are the Infinite Consciousness that you can witness the true nature of yourself and all of existence. Infinity is not a physical phenomenon, it is a spiritual one. It can never be intellectualized, comprehended, or understood by the mind. It can only be experienced, and once it is, the answer to every question is YES! The moment you try to eliminate anything from your experience, even the negative things, suffering arises, for you have tried to make yourself, as God, finite.



Witnessing Everything As God. In Your Eyes - I See God.  This, however, is not unique; for everyone and everything is God.  Remember that the next time you look into the eyes of another person. You are not looking into the eyes of another person, you are looking into The Eyes Of God.  Remember this when you are looking at a tree, a rock, a murderer. In Unity, everything is seen as the Source. There is no separation. Energy cannot flow, for where would it flow from, and where would it flow to when there is no separation? We are not connected, there is only ONE. This also means that you and God are not separate. You are not a child of God, you are not an expression of God, you are not an extension of God. You are God! Period.



The State Of Samadhi – Beyond Enlightenment. The Unity experience dictates that there is no separation, and the only thing that can have no separation is No-thing-ness. It is in this state of consciousness beyond enlightenment known as Samadhi where one abides in no experience and without an experiencer. It is here that you truly realize that nothing is real, but instead, everything is only an illusion existing as a thought within the Infinite Consciousness. However do not be mistaken, for this is not the final awareness. You must now transcend Nothingness itself and return to abide in a state of Neither Affirmation Nor Negation, neither thing nor no-thing. For even in nothingness the existence of everythingness cannot be negated due to your experience of it. Even if it wasn’t experienced nothingness would still imply somethingness and duality would prevail.

Neither Affirmation Nor Negation

The End Of Duality - Ultimate Indefinable Unity Through Non-ConceptualityIf you say, “I am Human” you are affirming something. If you say, “I am not human, I am the Source” you are negating something and affirming something else. Beyond affirmation and negation, what are you? Neither Affirmation Nor Negation is going beyond all conceptuality and there is no longer any ground to stand upon. Nothing is definable. Beyond the obvious contradictions of true and false, good and bad, real and unreal, there is a space where neither exists. This space has no opposite and no duality, it just IS, and can’t be defined. This may sound unsettling, but it is in fact, the greatest liberation to ever be attained.

No Essential Nature

The True Reality Of Existence. You are the Source, you are the human, you are the animals, you are the trees, you are the oceans, you are the earth, you are the sky, you are the universe, you are everything, and you are nothing. You are the truth and you are the illusion. You are the Source. All of these are your true nature, therefore, you have no essential nature. The moment you say that the essential nature of the Source is LOVE, you have attempted to place everything else outside of the Source's nature, of your nature. This is not possible because of non-separation, and the absolute inclusivity of infinity and unity.