Please enjoy these books based on the Mystic 7 Experiences: The Source, Eternity, Infinity, Unity, Nothingness, Neither Affirmation Nor Negation, No Essential Nature. These are the 7 Experiences that each and every mystic has undergone in the course of their Awakening into the Enlightened Mind. These are the most ULTIMATE books available to help you on your journey to Self-Realization.


Recommended Reading: Deepen Your Spiritual Insights

Yoga Sutra Cards Book


Yoga is the path to enlightenment through Your Own God Awareness. Enlightenment is not about attaining something or acquiring something new. Enlightenment can only be realized by releasing every concept you have ever had, whether you chose it, or it was given to you by parents, society, past lives, or conditioned programming. This book contains The 49 Releases which must be understood and abandoned before you can abide in the enlightened mind. In this book, you will use the four yogas of Hatha, Karma, Bhakti, and Jnana to release conventional programming and arrive at the recognition of your own Source-ness.

The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment

DAVID BROWNING'S BOOK: The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment

The more you say about enlightenment, the less it can be true. There is only one that thing that can be said, "You are the Source". This book cannot be read, it must be experienced. The truths are hinted at and then in a self-inquiry format, you will be guided to apply them to each situation in your life. We have kept this as concise as possible to eliminate perpetuating the delusions of conventional thinking. 

DAVID BROWNING'S BOOK: The Ancient Voice of God

"The Ancient Voice Of God" by David Browning is a delicacy that you should only taste in small bites. The lovely koans and sutras in this book are based on the experiences that David had while awakening into "Kaivalya" or Source Awareness. Spending a few minutes each day with these beautiful writings will expand your consciousness and reveal the falseness of the delusion.  

DAVID BROWNING'S BOOK: Seeing Through The Eyes Of God

"Seeing Through The Eyes Of God" by David Browning is a 185-page full-color E-Book containing inspired poetry, koans, and sutras. By reflecting on the many levels of wisdom or truth within these writings, you may discover the ultimate truth which actually cannot be spoken or even written. This is one of the most profound ways to become familiar with the Mystic 7 Principles.  

Free Ebook: 7 Things You May Have Forgotten About True Love by SamadhiDev

7 Things You May Have Forgotten About True Love... Read the PDF now >>

Do you think you know what true love is? We have combined the seven beautiful sutra images from "Seeing Through The Eyes Of God" with timeless truths to inspire a new and refreshed vision of expansive love for yourself and your world.

Free Ebook: 7 Things You May Have Forgotten About Enlightenment by SamadhiDev

7 Things You May Have Forgotten About Enlightenment... Read the PDF now >>

Discover seven things that will awaken your consciousness and remove delusions. This is a 7-page picture-book combining the beautiful sutra images from "Seeing Through The Eyes Of God" with enlightened awareness to reinforce the ancient mystical truth, "You Are Already The Source".

Book: Song of the Avadhut

Song of the Avadhut (Avadhuta Gita) ... Read the PDF now >>

This is a beautiful little book filled with poetic remembrances of yourself as the Source, the Self. I highly recommend reading just a little of this book every day. Download it to your phone for a quick meditation whenever you are waiting in line or need a pick-me-up. An amazing translation by Swami Abhayananda .

Vasistha's Yoga

Vasisthas' Yoga... Read the PDF now >>

The Free E-book, Vasistha's Yoga, is one of Lalla Dawn's favorite books. It contains all of the Mystic 7 Source Principles in context of Hindu mythology. When you really want to immerse yourself in the deepest waters of Ultimate Awareness for hours on end, this is the book to read.

I Am That... Read the PDF now >>​

"I Am That" A Modern Spiritual Classic. This free E-book demonstrates that "The seeker is he who is in search of himself." To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not.

The Heart of Awareness... Read the PDF now >>

This free E-book is an amazing short text written in a poetic form. It very concisely relays the awareness of King Janaka who becomes instantly Enlightened on the first page of our story.  A translation of The Ashtavakra Gita by Thomas Byrom. See More >>