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Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center in East Texas
Upcoming Retreat, not yet advertised...   REGISTRATION  by DONATION  :  3-Day Samadhi Silent...
Samadhi Resin Ceremony by David SamadhiDev Browning
Samadhi Resin Ceremony™ The Samadhi Resin Ceremony is a Tantric practice . It utilizes three of the senses, smell,...
Free Ebook: 7 Things You May Have Forgotten About True Love by SamadhiDev

7 Things You May Have Forgotten About True Love... Read the PDF now >>

Do you think you know what true love is? We have combined the seven beautiful sutra images from "Seeing Through The Eyes Of God" with timeless truths to inspire a new and refreshed vision of expansive love for yourself and your world.

Free Ebook: 7 Things You May Have Forgotten About Enlightenment by SamadhiDev

7 Things You May Have Forgotten About Enlightenment... Read the PDF now >>

Discover seven things that will awaken your consciousness and remove delusions. This is a 7-page picture-book combining the beautiful sutra images from "Seeing Through The Eyes Of God" with enlightened awareness to reinforce the ancient mystical truth, "You Are Already The Source".

How can I get my mala blessed by the Dalai Lama?
We will restring your mala and add a Dalai Lama Blessed Bead that was consecrated in 2011 in Sarnath India. YOUR RESTRUNG MALA will...
Spiritual Rebellion
The Spiritual Rebellion Of The Boyd Monks From Chad, prison inmate at Boyd Unit, Teague Texas First I want to take a moment and...
108 Enlightenment Mala Project
    No where else will you find seeds from the Sri Maha Bodhi Tree that have been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai...
Who Am I?
Who Am I? By Guest Blogger: Kristofer Spaulding Deep in the middle of the ocean of the mind there is no pollution. It is...
Unconditional Love, Love Everyone
Unconditional Love by Lalla Dawn Breeze Love that is unconditional is the same as choiceless acceptance. Regardless of actions,...
Overview Effect and the Experience of Savikalpa Samadhi of the Astronauts

Have you heard of the overview effect? When the astronauts first time went into the space and even though their intention was to go beyond the earth, to the moon and to the stars - yet from that outerspace when they looked back at the planet earth itself, there happened an extra ordinary thing to the observers. Looking back at the earth, experiencing this unique place created by the Mysterious Creator, there was a tremendous cognitive shift for the observers, to the astronauts which was equivalent of gnosis of self-awareness of spiritual seekers.

The Yogic Method: Seven States Of Yoga "The Yoga Vastistha was believed to have been written sometime around 4 CE. It is a unique...

There is a state, "Beyond Enlightenment", which is rarely spoken of, other than in Buddhist and Hindu texts. In this state of awareness the individual ego has dissolved, and The Source looks out of the Earthly body through your unveiled eyes.

Bliss is the natural result of Enlightenment. When you remember that your non-individual self is The Source; and that you are Eternal, Infinite and the Oneness as everything, the illusions of loss, limitation, and separation become passing dreams that cannot affect your ever present bliss.

If you were to wake up as an enlightened Buddha tomorrow what would your life look like? Here are nine foolproof ways to recognize a Buddha, a hint at what an enlightened life looks like, and inspiration for stepping into your own 
blissfully awakened state of consciousness.

Zen Station's Jason Reagan
“Wow, this was so much fun, so light hearted, so humorous, yet profoundly deep and practically inspiring.” 

Wholism, Experience and Nothingness
To fully integrate this information and abide in the Enlightened Mind,
these Principles must be experienced, they can not just be learned and mastered philosophically.