This place is magical and I have been profoundly impacted by the wonderful teachings of David. I highly recommend experiencing The Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center to deepen your connection to yourself. Very well done David and Dawn!
This was my first experience of a silent retreat. I feel there is great benefit in the silence, the fact that we did not communicate at all with each other helped me to stay more focused on my own Divine self. That focus has continued to be with me weeks after the retreat. I definitely want to do it again!
I enjoyed everything this retreat had to offer. Good food, great atmosphere, peaceful surroundings and wonderful people. I came in with a stressed and clouded mind. Not being able to speak to the person next to you was a bit to take in and I felt a bit of anxiety but knew that there was a purpose to the weekend. The Yoga was such a relaxer for my body. I stretched parts that needed the stretch. The food was wonderful and gave me comfort. Taking walks along the trails and sitting by the lake gave me time to clear out all of the clutter my mind had been holding in for a long time. The meditation and breathing exercises were key in the detox process for me. The discourses by David were very educating and although I am still working through some of the teachings, I take with me alot of what was said to heart and use this in my daily routine of life. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and will do this again and will recommend this to my family and friends who seek truth and enlightenment. Thank you for allowing me to experience this.
I found hours of calm and peace at the Silent Retreat July 11-14th. Each day was structured to ensure that the participants could enjoy the setting,and the silence. A nice surprise was all the yoga that was included and the great menu. Beautiful weekend.
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