A great way to take a a break from your busy world - between total silence, meditation and yoga & much more. An opportunity to recharge your soul.
Wonderful place, beautiful & friendly environment. Excellent food & yoga practice. I personally loved sleeping outside. I felt more silent, and being under the stars was blissful! I don't think there was anything that I wish I would have know in advance...I enjoyed not knowing what to expect. Oh, and of course, everything learned, or should I say re-learned, was worth every penny. Thank you so much for the experience.
“Wow, this was so much fun, so light hearted, so humorous, yet profoundly deep and practically inspiring.” These were my thoughts at the end of the 3-Day Samadhi Silent Retreat in Athens, TX. With my history of attending two Vipassana 10-day silent retreats I have a unique perspective of how each benefited me and how they compare. I can say with full conviction that both styles have powerfully affected me, my first Vipassana being the catalyst for the most major life change ever thus far. That said, the Samadhi retreat delivered more value in less time and with more tangible benefits. I would gleefully choose to do another Samadhi retreat, which I cannot say the same for Vipassana.
I am dearly appreciative to have participated in the Samadhi silent retreat! The meditation center, nestled in to the shady pines of east Texas, offers the perfect setting to facilitate deep connection with self, while creating an atmosphere of warm hospitality and comfort to guests. As soon as I arrived, I was welcome with open arms and felt completely at home! This was my first silent retreat, and I was embraced and guided by the Samadhi methods. Tools such as breath work, meditation and yoga asana practice help to foster a nurturing environment where the guest feels supported on their journey within. As the yoga instructor for this particular retreat, I had the special privilege of helping to enhance my fellow participants experience. By using gentle but effective poses, the practitioner expands awareness of the body/mind, plunging deeper into the infinite ocean of self! I can't wait to see what new discoveries are in store next retreat. Hope to see you there! May your practice help you to embrace the heights and depths of your true self. Sat Nam.
I recently was blessed to have attended the Samadhi retreat. This is truly one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. To be completely free from cellphones, the internet, clocks, and talking is beyond liberating. It is in a beautiful environment of nature and love. All of your needs are met and there are no worries. The food, meditations, discourses, yoga, and accommodations were all beyond my expectations. I felt completely nurtured and whole. My life was simple for those three days yet very complete. I highly recommend this experience and in fact know that I will be a repeat customer. Try this....it is an awesome gift you give yourself! You will be amazed what healing occurs from disconnecting!
Caution – if you are ready to transform and are committed to source, love, light and the truth --- within just two weeks of your silent retreat you will realize the critical importance of having a ‘guru’ in your life and you will start hitting the ‘more now please’ button. A friend, a companion on the journey and a mirror to your own higher self – David and Dawn offer a dynamic, diverse perspective that will revolutionize the way you perceive the world around you.
For years I have heard my yogi friends banter about "Samadhi meditation". They would say it was nearly impossible without special yoga powers. As elusive as Samadhi mediation seems, it is actually incredibly easy to achieve. This was shown to me at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center. Quieting the mind is a hard task, but made easier through practices developed by David Browning. Resin ceremonies, fasting from communication and plenty of reflection time helps your mind to process through information without gaining new daily stressors and worries. The food is fantastic, and there is always food left over. The vegetarian menu is easy for anyone with any special health needs to find things they can eat. The environment is one of the biggest strengths of the center. Nature walkways, lakefront with a pier, hammocks, and cozy staying quarters create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.
I would highly recommend the experience that the Samadhi Retreat has to offer. David Browning teaches simply, and by example.
You will attain Samadhi if you want to.
Compared to Vipassana, a Samadhi Retreat Is Like Disneyland. My experience of Vipassana was hard, uncomfortable, disciplined and rigid. Last weekend at the Samadhi Retreat was such a joy with movement for our body, fun with the chanting, variety in all we did, delicious meals, places to hike, permission to even be comfortable while meditating. Just glorious!
About 2 months ago I invited David Browning and Dawn to come and do a clearing on my business. Amazing things have happened since then in my clinic, QHI Wellness. There was a profound energy shift in my clinic within less than 24 hours, which has led to a dramatic shift in the moral in my clinic, the response of our patients to our care and the number of people coming through our doors. In fact my business grew 40% in the month following the initial clearing and I have had to add four new staff positions since. Four outstanding employees have been added to my staff since then as well and we had to expand the amount of space in the clinic by nearly 50% virtually over night because of increased demand. Yes, I know it sounds almost to good to be true, but it is true! Pretty amazing!
I also had them come out about three weeks ago to do a clearing on my house and my new annex at the clinic soon after. Again has made a huge difference! And of course I know the shift starts with me, but inviting David and Dawn to come and do their magic has really added a great deal. Thank you, David and Dawn!!! You guys rock!!
I had the privilege and honor to teach yoga at David and Dawn's first non-silent retreat last weekend - Waking Up in Bliss - and to attend the teachings and activities throughout the weekend. It was a very profound and intimate experience that moved me beyond the on-site work shared with the group. The teachings are true, honest, direct, unadulterated. Their simplicity is also their difficulty. Based on universal truth shared across all traditions, religions and philosophies, David emphasizes as first and most essential, the experience. There's no teaching without direct, personal experience. For those ready to commit to their work and awakening, and willing to experience it in flesh and emotion, Samadhi Retreat and Meditation Center offers the sacred and safe place, and loving teachings and guidance to do so.
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