I loved it all!! I liked the chanting...Thank You. I liked the resins and incense...Thank You. I liked the food... Thank You. I liked the Yoga, I have never done it before... Thank You. I liked the exercise of looking into each others eyes. I have never been to the Mystic 7 in Tyler, and I will be now.
You did a fabulous job of causing people to feel loved, cared for, considered, important, and respected.

It was so good for me to be exposed to things that I am quite unfamiliar with -- it was an experience!!! I completely understand the dilemma Mr. Browning finds himself in, too. Every question he answers raises multiple other questions. He is also dealing with such philosophical issues that often involve paradoxes -- mutually exclusive things that apparently coexist. In describing non-three dimensional experiences, human vocabulary is essentially inadequate; but, it is all we have to work with.

There is NO ARGUING with someone's personal experience. I LOVE that Mr. Browning recognizes that what he has experienced can't be taught, it must be experienced. The understanding/experience is an excellent approach.

The grounds there are beautiful -- it was fabulous to be out in nature. You couldn't have done any better with the weather. In my opinion, it was perfect for the retreat!!! I enjoyed the discourses most of all. The food was really good (for vegetarian). You did a great job organizing showers, keeping us on schedule, and creating great experiences. I was also impressed that a man of Mr. Browning's wealth, brilliance, experience, and enlightenment was so personally involved in delivering and serving food and drinks -- impressive humility and involvement!

I am deeply grateful for all you did, all you are doing, and all you will do to help people have life changing, eternity changing experiences that promote unconditional love and truth. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!
I wasn't really sure what to expect during a silent retreat. I was surprised to find there was not actually a lot of true silence, although we spent much of the time working to silence our minds. My most time of true silence was during the Koan walk, as the daily routines or exercises we spent listening to instructions and discourses, meditations, etc. This is a really great thing you have going, thank you guys so much for having me. I would definitely come back and do it again.
Such a beautiful, peaceful place! I could not have been more comfortable in any way. Also, the food was amazing; it was like my body and mind were being fed at every meal. I actually had no idea what I was stepping into. By the first night, I was confused. But by the second night, the awareness had begun to arise. During the third day, I was able to silence my mind, finally. I'm leaving with plenty of tools to work with (exercises) to continue the journey, and I'm excited to start. My birthday is tomorrow, and I feel like I'm being born all over again completely. Best present ever.
I really enjoyed all the discourses. David was very informative and helped me to shatter previously held concepts. The food was great, people were great, and all the meditations were awesome! Thanks for a wonderful retreat. I will be taking many nuggets of wisdom with me.
I loved how as soon as you walk in the door it feels like you've walked into your own home with the love & warmth expressed throughout, like a family you never knew you had.
Spending 3 days in community in silence unplugged does wonders for your soul. Really wonderful to spend time delving deep, important to do that!
David and Dawn have thought through the whole experience so you can let go and release the mind chatter and find out who you are
This is my 3rd Samadhi retreat. Each one has been unique and growth promoting. I enjoy breaking away from my busy life to enter silence for 3 days; I especially enjoyed the meditations, yoga, tai chi, bhajans (sing alongs), discourses by David and the silence!!!
Vipassana vs. Samadhi Silent Retreat: Vipassana is all about hard work. Seriously. 9-10 hours of meditation a day - that's hard work. But David's Samadhi Retreat showed me a different way. And at first I had a lot of internal resistance to that. I was really entrenched in the "I must work hard for this samadhi experience" way of thinking. So it was very beautiful for me to have David be like, um no, it's right there! You can do it! I feel so grateful for having that experience and for having met David and Dawn. I'm feeling so many good and happy feelings post-retreat : )
Twyla K. from San Antonio
I am still questioning everything. I go back and forth in my brain and welcomed Samadhi to ease what I saw as a struggle. I wish I would have read more about Mystic 7 before arriving or had come to some of the Tuesday night Satsangs at Zen Station. This was a great experience overall! Loved evening Satsangs & really wanted to get up & dance during! Another favorite, Chakra Singing Bowls on the last morning! And...the journey continues!
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