Sometimes people have phenomenal, instantaneous, dramatic experiences at your retreats. However, sometimes people change there and don't even become aware of it until later ... sometimes hours, sometimes days, sometimes even longer. Nevertheless, I have noticed a couple of really significant changes in myself:
1) I find myself more detached from "self/ego" and being the observer more and more. 'Nearly as if I am watching myself from out of the body.
2) I am more committed to living in bliss than ever before. Please understand, I am definitely committed to having "the experiences" ... and know that those kinds of experiences are one way passages into significant change. Nevertheless, even though I am one of your "slower" participants, change really is happening with me.
PRISON MINISTRY. I can’t express strongly enough the gratitude I feel to you two for bringing your ministry and your knowledge and experience here to us. All I can say is Thank You. Many times, thank you. I look forward to Friday just to hear what new knowledge we will be exposed to. I meditate twice a day and I try to shoot for at least 30 minutes. Some days I make it, some days I don’t, but I will not give up. I have already seen/realized a difference in my actions/reactions, and my ability to concentrate is much better. Your teachings have helped me let go of a lot of things I did not know I was holding onto: anger, frustration, resentment, also, self-hatred, et.al. You guys are great! I appreciate you and look forward to seeing you both again.
Rodney K.
Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
PRISON MINISTRY. I have discovered the power and beauty of bliss. In fact, in discovering how to be free anywhere and putting it in the perspective of: freedom being a ‘mental state of being’, I’m not really looking forward to being paroled. This is the best place, the best circumstance I could put myself in to get a handle on identifying and eradicating all attachment. I want to show my utmost gratitude and respect to you both for your dedication of time and travel and stress that is created by your generosity. Your wisdom and instruction is much appreciated by all of us and I can’t begin to describe how precious and valued group meditation is in this place. Just to be still and quiet during the day is healing let along the Samadhi that comes with it. As always, I look forward to every Friday.
Douglas O.
Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry

Wonderful 3-day silent meditation retreat with so many opportunities to find that inner peace. From Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong to mudras, silent meditation, guided meditation, breathing, koans, chanting and of course the discourses by David. All done in a peaceful unassuming environment that welcomes you as if you were home. The food was awesome and David and Dawn are absolute treasures. I can’t say thank you enough for the diverse experiences and the opportunity to look at life a bit differently, a chance to pause and reflect.
Having grown up a Hindu and around spiritual environment all the time, I never really felt or experienced anything. This is my first spiritual trip to find answers and I enjoyed every moment of it and I feel liberated. And the vegetarian food was delicious.
"Spend 3 days with your spirit and leave your phone at home."
Spent 3 days with David & Dawn at their Mystic 7 Ranch learning the things we all know. Love my time with you. I learned new techniques & feel closer to my journey's various waypoints.
The retreat was awesome and the food wonderful. The variety of experiences were rewarding and profound. I was longing to find a place...a teacher that could touch this spiritual yearning I have. This is the closest I have found to doing just that.
YOGA RETREAT. I just held a yoga retreat at the Samadhi Retreat and Meditation Center and I just have to say what a glorious experience it was!
We received a warm and friendly welcoming with a generosity in spirit that was exhibited through our weekend stay there.
We enjoyed every single moment of the experience, from the Grand Room to the woods and lake along with the beautiful meals prepared by Dawn, everything was spectacular!
Thank you so much David and Dawn! I can't wait to come back! -Diana Roehl from Grand Prairie Texas
Well, I'm still decompressing from an amazing 3-day Silent Retreat that I was able to attend, out in the Piney Woods of East Texas. The experience has stayed with me over the past few days, and I can say that it was absolutely wonderful to retreat to this beautiful spot, into this beautiful house, into silence, and breathing exercises, and discourse. I already miss the daily yoga sessions, and the meditations. I believe that my experience will continue to color my life from now on, as I go about my way.
It was a great experience. The food and hominesss of the retreat was great. This was my first silent retreat. My favorite thing was I didn't have to make conversation, and the peace and quiet was what I needed.
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