I had the most profound experiences several times while here. I went into asamprajnata samadhi. How beautiful to enter into Nothingness. No worries, no bills and no pain. I would like to live in this enlightened experience.
If you would like to experience the other side of the mountain; your mind and this world; I would try the Mystic 7 Samadhi retreat, you will thank yourself.
The retreat was fantastic! I really loved the yoga each morning. It really allowed my body and mind to get on the same page. My 3 favorite parts after the yoga were the Samadhi Resin burning, the Om Namah Shivah chant, and the chakra bowl meditation. I really felt in touch with nature on the walks... I was in bliss.
Beautiful way to wake up. Amazing Yoga. Food is just fantastic. Curriculum was amazing. I strongly recommend. This stuff is awesome.
I like coming to the retreat because I get to physically escape from the noise of the real world and clear the noise in my mind. Bliss-bound! The breathing exercises are useful tools that I will continue practicing. Thank you.
I knew that I needed to do something, to really de-stress as my health was getting worse and worse. I knew I needed to do something for me so that I could continue to do for others.
I found that something right here in Texas, only 2 hours from me.
I had never done a silent retreat, but several days of no one asking me for anything, no ability to create yet another to-do list, a chance just to be - -sounded like heaven. My expectations were high, yet the actual event exceeded those expectations.

Every event, was taken to new levels of awareness. Even just eating and actually tasting the food and being appreciative of the food itself and how I was taking time to focus on nourishment. The guided meditations and chants were lovely and moving. The lectures provided a forum to think about my beliefs and challenge concepts.

I would certainly recommend to all the overstressed, overworked people out there taking some time for one of these silent retreats. It has been months since my retreat and I am still enjoying the benefits. I sleep better by using some mindful breathing, focusing and relaxation techniques. I work better because I think back to the peace of the retreat and I am able to recapture that feeling with a little focus. Then I can proceed in stressful situations effectively instead of adding to the stress.

Shirley McNeel, CPA
BOOK REVIEW. If you are interested in finding out who you really are or what your life purpose is, I cant recommend this book enough: "The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment". I had to read many many of the classic mystic books in print to "get it", when this little book has ALL the information you need to be enlightened. Wish it had been printed 20 years ago. In 95 pages, the authors have set out ALL the necessary steps anyone needs to finally know who they really are in a easily readable, co-active way. Very understandable!! GET IT NOW! IT WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE. A MUST READ FOR THE SERIOUS SPIRITUAL TRAVELER.
PRISON MINISTRY. Namaste Dawn and David, I hope your holiday weekend had many pleasantries. I enjoyed spending time during that (Thanksgiving) 4-day period reflecting back on the past year and recognizing what I am truly grateful for. There was a lot to reflect on, for me. In particular, my gratitude extends to ya'll for providing me with the tools I've been searching for to dismantle my "self", recognize the role my ego has played in my life and realize what abounds when I close my mind and let this illusionary consciousness rest. I am thankful for what resulted from that: an awakening of enlightened thought. I then paid due gratitude for finding what I have previously identified as the authentic and genuine relationship with God which I have been searching for my entire life. The profound state of thankfulness this weekend has been encapsulated by the appreciation that instead of find a relationship with God, I was taught to still my mind so I could listen... for God, and instead of hearing him speak, I experienced the Source and All That Is...so many thanks for guiding me to the Ultimate Truth. It's just begun I realize; I can't wait to see what I will be grateful for in November 2017. (Douglas O. Inmate at Boyd Unit)
Sometimes people have phenomenal, instantaneous, dramatic experiences at your retreats. However, sometimes people change there and don't even become aware of it until later ... sometimes hours, sometimes days, sometimes even longer. Nevertheless, I have noticed a couple of really significant changes in myself:
1) I find myself more detached from "self/ego" and being the observer more and more. 'Nearly as if I am watching myself from out of the body.
2) I am more committed to living in bliss than ever before. Please understand, I am definitely committed to having "the experiences" ... and know that those kinds of experiences are one way passages into significant change. Nevertheless, even though I am one of your "slower" participants, change really is happening with me.
PRISON MINISTRY. I can’t express strongly enough the gratitude I feel to you two for bringing your ministry and your knowledge and experience here to us. All I can say is Thank You. Many times, thank you. I look forward to Friday just to hear what new knowledge we will be exposed to. I meditate twice a day and I try to shoot for at least 30 minutes. Some days I make it, some days I don’t, but I will not give up. I have already seen/realized a difference in my actions/reactions, and my ability to concentrate is much better. Your teachings have helped me let go of a lot of things I did not know I was holding onto: anger, frustration, resentment, also, self-hatred, et.al. You guys are great! I appreciate you and look forward to seeing you both again.
Rodney K.
Boyd Unit, TDCJ, Prison Ministry
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