I feel so much gratitude for being welcomed into David and Dawn's Samadhi Retreat. I have learned so much in having gained the ability to free my mind from more dogmatic concepts. This retreat was a blessing and the tools gained will surely help people to excel in most any venture!
YOGA SUTRA CARD BOOK: My first inquiry into the book relieves me of the necessity of a pen. It ALL should be underlined, hence no pen is necessary. Much truth contained within. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment!
PRIVATE RETREAT: It felt truly luxurious to have these two people who seem to care so much, give so much time and attention to my need for meditation and self-centering. The food was incredible and the practices were exactly what I needed. Thank you.
It was a beautiful experience. Probably everything that I expected. Specially thankful for the great food. It was really, really good. :-) I loved everything, specially when David talks. It was like everything I read about. Many things became more clear. I loved the chakra meditation the most, it was very good. But I loved everything. I am definitely coming again. You are amazing guys! XOXO
I like how blunt you were about the theme We Are God. I'm stubborn and try to figure how to merge this with my current perception of ultimate reality. I already knew my relative reality perception is temporary reality. Your message is not far from my already established perception of ultimate reality. Not sure, because words are limited to explain this stuff. My favorite stuff: the om namah shivaya chant, veggie soup, sweet tea, really cool house & property.
I came to quiet the mind. My favorite was all the breathing exercises and the chakra meditation and the resins, and The Samadhi Experience, and the chanting. I am using this to step into a lifestyle of my creation (again). A wonderful first step. The food was great - Thank you!
I was finally able to feel what good meditation practice should feel like. Great food, drinks, nature, lake, stars - majical place!
SILENT RETREAT: The food was wonderful! Thank you! My favorite practice is the resin ceremony. Loved it! I experienced samadhi during that ceremony. The koan walks on the property were very peaceful. The property is beautiful.
YOGA SUTRA CARDS: The yoga for enlightenment cards are great for beginners or experts for enhancing your yoga experience! They are very well written, easy to read and oh so beautiful! I personally love the daily guidance and affirmations. You will love these cards! They are simply amazing and a blessing to all Yogi's! God bless!
STUDENT PROGRAM: Your course is easy to comprehend, understanding its meaning, and applying it was only difficult when I held onto illusions and individualism. Letting go, and its practice, once you have allowed it in and it pushes out false hoods, everything cleared up for me. Like a bowl of soup being cleared by water from the faucet. Once the hardened material is moved, the liquid color changes from murky yellow to clear yellow to clear. So should be the path of my mind be. A constant clearing of the murky material that resides. What amazed me was it felt not like something new in concept, but like something I forgot and was reminded of. After, it is almost as if I am remembering more of what i forgot. A-ha moments are more like, oh yeah I forgot this portion but here it is. I look forward to learning much more.
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