The food was amazing!!
The schedule was amazing!!
The atmosphere was amazing!!!
I like the balance between types of practice & lecture, the "Buddha Bowls", and the cards with the mantras. I'm not sure if this is a reflection of the retreat or where I am in my process, but I entered silence during many different practices this weekend (in the past just during resin ceremony.)
I love the peacefulness of this place -- both inside and out. The ease of the schedule, the tasks, the meals is slow and comfortable. The meals are delicious, healthy, and filling. The facility is beautiful, clean, and welcoming. I appreciate David's knowledge & ability to teach/inform us of his message. The time for introspection and atmosphere for meditation & samadhi is amazing.
PRIVATE RETREAT FEEDBACK: Thank you for the opportunity to BE... without obligation or expectation. For the timeless days and sleepless nights. For the hope of enlightened minds and open hearts. I love you and that helps me realize I also love myself. Until next time...
This was my second retreat. I loved how this one built on the previous retreat and appreciate the balance of education vs. experiential. I loved experiencing new practices and new mantras, and the koan/sutra cards you gave me.
The Samadhi retreat was a good exposure to a broad set of practices. It was easy to be the most silent I've ever been. It was easy to be more silent than I've been able to be in the past. Yoga was calibrated nicely. Food was good!
I really enjoyed the retreat! Learning mantra and breathing techniques was very beneficial. I typically use mindfulness meditations but now I plan on incorporating mantras, music, and breathing exercises into my practice. I found myself hearing mantras during nature walks (birds chirping, etc.) and used focused breathing. Yoga was great, as well as the food. Pacing was nice. Great experience. I feel really refreshed. Cutting caffeine was an additional benefit. I felt very relaxed during the retreat and had some wild dreams. I loved the music.
This was truly a full immersion! I don't know what I was expecting, but I got exactly what I needed.
I'm leaving your beautiful retreat today with an experience I'll never forget and always be better for having. You both took me in as if we were already family (ha! Guess we are as the Source! :-) ) Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts, food & stories! I will return - hopefully one day soon. I am leaving Samadhi realizing so much more - I am eternally grateful!
My favorite things about the Retreat were the Resin Ceremonies, the Meditations, being in silence as an opportunity for self reflection, the setting, the bells, and the combination of experience & education.
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