The Mystic 7 Experiences:   

   Seven Source Experiences   

   Take You Beyond Enlightenment,   

   Eliminating All Suffering         




Mystic 7 Satsang Dallas

SATSANG is a Sanskrit word meaning the "coming together" of those who are aspiring to abide in the Self-Realization of God Consciousness in order to support each other's spiritual awareness.

Mystic 7 Satsang
Order of Service

  • Meet and Greet (30 min)
  • Opening Meditation (30-45 min)
  • Discourse (40-45 min)
  • Discussion (10-15 min)
  • Donation
  • Closing Meditation (5 min)

All Are Welcome!!!

Mystic 7 Satsang Dallas
Mystic 7 Dallas Satsang is looking for a regular host location, if you are interested in hosting a Mystic 7 Satsang, please CONTACT US
Our next Dallas Satsang is: TBA
RSVPs are requested for Satsangs. Please CONTACT US to receive the location and confirm your reservation.

Self-Realization has two aspects: the Direct Personal Experience as the Source and the Self-Inquiry practice using Source Principles. In these Experience oriented Satsangs, we integrate the Mystic 7 Principles to hold a coherent space for our experiential Self-Awareness, led by Awakened Mystic, David Browning SamadhiDev. Satsangs include meditations, chanting, Samadhi Resin CeremoniesTM, creative projects, discourses, and group discussion.

The Mystic 7 is a list of seven personal and profound Experiences that one has while in the state of Samadhi (deep meditation) which are commonly shared by all Enlightened Mystics.
1. We Are The Source
2. We Are Eternal
3. We Are Infinite
4. We Are The Unity Of All
5. We Are The Nothingness (That Sustains All)
6. The Source Can Be Neither Affirmed Nor Negated (Being Beyond Truth)
7. The Source Can Have No Essential Nature (Being No Thing, and All Things In Totality)


The prototype of this Satsang group has been meeting in Tyler since February 2014, with a very dedicated group that is practicing Truth principles in conjunction with actual EXPERIENCES As Source.

For it is only through Direct Personal Experience that one can truly understand the essence of their true nature, it is not a cognitive process, it cannot be taught, learned, or conveyed through language.