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Zen Poetry, Koans, Haiku And Sutras

During the first two years of David's awakening he wrote several hours each day. These writings ended up comprising hundreds of documents including journaling of the awakening process and short poetic expressions, sayings and quotes.

After several years when this process was complete he began an extensive search to see if the experiences and information he had become aware of were simply the ramblings of a madman’s mind or in fact some deeper spiritual phenomenon. To his delight it was in the highest teachings of all the spiritual traditions that he found not only references similar to his texts but in fact usually the exact same words. This confirmed that the information was coming from the Source, which abides within all of us. It also illustrated that this information was not new but has existed for thousands of years.

In 2011 David compiled all of these Koans, Haiku and Sutras and published his first book, “Seeing Through The Eyes Of God”. This 200 page 8”x10” full color book embodies the essence of the Tao Te Ching and all Zen Practice.

David's Discourses On Zen Buddhism Include:

The Heart Sutra, The Mahanadana Sutra, The Hsin Hsin Ming, The Gateless Barrier, and The Zen Masters

David continues to incorporate the Taoist and Zen styles of teaching in all of his discourses, workshops, and silent retreats.


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