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Samadhi Resin Ceremony™
A Premier Mystic 7 Experience

The Samadhi Resin Ceremony uses the Tantric sense of smell to deepen meditative states of consciousness


Since ancient times humans have used rare and exotic (tree) resins, that when heated, create an aroma which has allowed them to drop into a deep state of meditation. There have also been great mystics, masters, saints, and sages of the East that have used the subtle yet transcendent power of breath (pranayama) and the sacred sound of chanting (mantras) to control the activity of the mind.

The Samadhi Resin Ceremony™ was created by David Browning and incorporates all three of these dynamic elements into one powerful practice. Almost everyone who has attended the Samadhi Resin Ceremony reports that they were able to attain the deepest state of meditation that they had ever had, while others experience profound spiritual awareness, which is beyond their ability to describe.

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word that is defined as the deepest and most profound state of meditation attainable.

It is the pure and absolute silence of the mind. 

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The Practice

The reason this practice is so successful in settling the mind is that the resins and music that are used have two distinct characteristics; unfamiliarity and purpose.

Samadhi Ceremony created by David Browning using premier Tree ResinsUnfamiliarity: During our daily lives our mind endlessly moves from one thought to another. One of the reasons it does this is because of pre-association. If you smell a rose you think of your first lover, about the wonderful times you had together, how you sadly broke-up, your next lover and what a jerk he was, and finally the love of your life, your wedding, your house, and children, etc. If you smell the fragrance of gingerbread cookies you might think back when you were a child visiting your grandmother’s house at Christmas. A time when the entire family was together and the house was full of comfort and love, or maybe it was a time of great stress and no one got along. In both cases, the mind spins into an uncontrollable chain of thought creating an array of emotional and physiological responses all because of a simple smell that you are familiar with. The same applies to sound. By using mantras that contain words that you are not familiar with the mind does not have anything to attach to.

By using fragrances and sounds that you have never smelled or heard before there is no pre-association, this allows the mind to drift silently into a purely new experience with no attachments. This enables the practitioner to go into a deep state of silence with no distractions of incessant thoughts and emotions.

Purpose: All fragrances and sounds have an innate vibration or energy. Some fragrances and sounds evoke a sense of mental clarity, some enhance sensuality, and some are used for healing, while others are able to clear obstacles or negativity. The early mystics found that certain fragrances and sounds had vibrations or energies that could be used to create a unique environment within the body, mind, and soul, an environment beneficial for meditation and accessing divine awareness. 

Throughout recorded history, due to their specific qualities, sages and oracles of all spiritual traditions have used the individual resins and mantras that are integrated into this one ceremony.

The Tools

Resins: Samadhi Resin Ceremony Refill Meditation Kit with 7 Tree ResinsThe first and most important elements of the Samadhi Resin Ceremony are the six resins and woods used. Years of research and thousands of dollars were spent purchasing and sampling each resin from dozens of different suppliers from around the world. Each one has been hand-selected from hundreds of available possibilities. Only the highest quality and purest resins are used, with absolutely no additives or binders. Even the most sensitive people report no negative reaction to these Pure Resins.

Mantras: The second element of the ceremony is the chanting of ancient Sanskrit, known as mantras. These mantras are played during the ceremony and have also been chosen because of their unique and powerful qualities. Along with the sacred energy of each mantra, the physical vibrations help stimulate different biological and emotional energy centers of the body.

Pranayama: The final element is the breath. During the ceremony, the participants are instructed on how to use subtle techniques of breath known as Pranayama. In conjunction with the resins and mantras, the breath is directly responsible for relaxing the body and quieting the mind.


There are hundreds of techniques and practices used for meditation. Most of them take years before the practitioner gets even a glimpse into the silence of the mind. There are however a handful of practices that make quieting the mind effortless, allowing one to enter the deepest states of Samadhi, a state where one can abide in the Source and see the true nature of the universe and themselves. The Samadhi Resin Ceremony is one of these practices. 

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The Samadhi Resin Ceremony™
is considered Tantric
in that it utilizes one or more of the senses:
sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing
as a focus for deeper states of consciousness.



It brings communication with the transcendent. 

It refreshes mind and body.

It removes impurity.

It brings alertness.

It is a companion in solitude.

In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace.

When it is plentiful, one never tires of it.

When there is little, still one is satisfied.

Age does not change its efficacy.

Used everyday, it does no harm.

...Reprinted from Scents Of Earth

The Ten Virtues of Koh were compiled in the 16th Century, 
and continue to capture the spirit of incense appreciation.

The Samadhi Resin Ceremony™ Kits and Refill Kits