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Christianity (The Gnosis)

To Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven You Must Believe “In” Me
To Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven You Must Believe “As” Me.

By mistranslating just one word, you have gone from something outside of yourself having the power to your salvation (in this case Jesus, or The Church), to You having the power. If you simply believe as The Christ, and abide in the true awareness of the Self, you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven (The State Of Enlightenment).


I And My Father Are One.

What I Have Done, You Can Do, And Greater.

“I and my Father are One” is a full declaration from Jesus that he is not the son of God, but in fact “One As Him”, and by implication the Source itself. For this reason when he says, “What I have done, you can do, and greater”, again affirms that not only is he the Source, but that every one is, and that you can in fact surpass his own expression of this experience.


In The Beginning There Was Darkness, And God Said, “Let There Be Light”.

You see most things expressed by the Christian Faith, and even modern day Metaphysics, is backwards. We continually say that God is the Light, and we are the Darkness (Ignorance or The Sinner). But this is not true. The natural state of the Source is Emptiness (Darkness), and it is You that are the Light (The expression that allows God to play).


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