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David Browning"For it is only through direct experience that we can realize our true divine nature and abide in the pure awareness that we are eternal, infinite, and one with all that is."
... David Browning

David SamadhiDev Browning  
A Letter Of Introduction

In 1997 David was flying back from Washington DC on a business trip. As he looked out the window he realized, at 35, he had already lived a full and perfect life. As a child, he had a loving mother and father and had never needed for anything physically or emotionally. He had treated everyone with grace and to those he hadn’t, he had made amends. He had traveled extensively and experienced the world, and had a wife whom he loved unconditionally with all his heart, and she loved him. So far in his life, he had served his country and owned dozens of companies.

He had also developed and received a patent on an especially lucrative sporting goods accessory that was widely available in retail and sporting goods stores across the country. He was a producer and documentary filmmaker and had just negotiated with the founder of four national cable networks, including the Discovery Channel, to become the CEO of his company. An incredible feeling of calm came across his soul, and he began to cry as he sat in the airplane. David realized that he was prepared to die and there was no fear at all. He had surely fulfilled all he had chosen to do on this earth. Yet he asked, “Why am I still here and what am I going to do now?"

That same evening with no prior practice or indication, David entered a state of spontaneous meditation. During the next six hours he had no thoughts or visions and heard no sounds. At four o’clock the following morning he came back to a normal state of awareness in his living room. He knew he had not been asleep; he knew he had been somewhere; and he knew now, more than he had ever known anything in his entire life, that he was eternal. Every evening for the next six months David would return to this state (samadhi), and each time he would come back with new and more profound understandings (source experiences) of the true nature of the universe, ourselves, and everything in it. Following this period he spent several years traveling the world meeting gurus, mystics, masters and saints to see if they too had seen what he had seen.

David SamadhiDev Browning receives Dharma Name In 2001, David co-founded a healing arts center in Phoenix, Arizona where he spent 12 years allowing his mind to understand that which he had always known and becoming established in this state of consciousness he now calls kaivalya. He also cognized and developed literally hundreds of techniques, practices, and meditations to help others attain this state of consciousness.

In 2010 David traveled to India and lived at the Gyuto Tantric Monastery in Dharamsala for six months. During this time he was in silence and received dozens of tantric Buddhist empowerments from the head tulku of the Gelukpa order, Gankar Tulku Rinpoche and the 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje who was also living there at the time. While living at Gyuto, David also made daily visits up the Himalayan foothills to the Namgyal Monastery, the residence and main temple of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, where he received teachings and empowerments. During his visit to India, David received over 70 Buddhist teachings and empowerments, with 21 of these directly from the Dalai Lama. He then traveled south with Gankar Tulku Rinpoche and spent 12 months in silence living at the Drepung Loseling monastery in Mundgod. During these 12 months he also traveled throughout India visiting and staying at over 28 Buddhist, Hindu, and Sikh monasteries, temples and sacred sights in India. including Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, and Varanasi. Near the end of his India visit, David received the critical Buddhist teaching of conventional vs. ultimate awareness from a quiet monk on a midnight stroll. This became the crucial key needed to convey the ultimate truths that he had experienced into conventional language. David has dedicated his life to helping others to silence their minds and enter into the awakened state of consciousness called kaivalya that he now abides in at all times.

David is the director of the non-profit Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center and the Mystic 7 Course developer. He donates time to the Texas prison ministry each week and facilitates satsangs (spiritual meetings), workshops, and retreats on a regular basis at the Meditation Center and in cities around Texas.

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Upon his return from India David wrote and published two books: Seeing Through The Eyes Of God and The Ancient Voice Of God. He has now published his third book and has begun a workshop based on the Mystic 7 Course, called The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment; Seven Keys To Abiding In The Enlightened Mind.

David has dedicated his life, to seeing if it is possible to help others to silence the mind and enter into this state of consciousness that he now abides in at all times.  Through the Mystic 7 Course, he has discovered that it is possible to express the inexpressible so that others may have these experiences. For it is only through direct experience that we can realize our true divine nature and that we are eternal, infinite, and one with all that is.

David is now facilitating Silent Meditation Retreats at the Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center based on the Mystic 7 Course...see more>>

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