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Dawn has studied metaphysical spirituality and healing work since 1987. Because of this passion, she became a Reiki Master Teacher, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Tai Chi Instructor; and an avid student of many energywork modalities. As a mode of self-reflection & self-inquiry, she has given up all energywork practices while she becomes empty of dogma and concepts. Dawn is living at the Samadhi Retreat as a student, and assisting David in producing and promoting the Mystic 7 Course while she becomes established in the Enlightened Mind. 






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I''m Lalla Dawn Breeze.... I am living at the Samadhi Retreat and practicing the Mystic 7 Awakening Principles full time. Each day is a brand new opportunity to embrace the "Totality of the Everything which abides in the Nothingness."

So far, for me, Awakening to Truth mostly has to do with letting go of every thought that I've ever held to be right, and every habit that I've ever held to be valuable; and then there is the co-inciding adoption of the expansive truths.  

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Lalla Dawn Breeze

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