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                            Dawn Lalla Breeze





Bliss Is The Natural Result Of Enlightenment

No Loss, No Limits, No Separation

by Dawn Breeze

Sooner or later, you will decide that you would rather be blissful than continue to suffer even the slightest discomfort. Bliss is a natural result of enlightenment because everything that has ever caused fear or discomfort disappears in the light of self-knowing. The state of enlightenment is marked with one distinct characteristic, you know YOU are the Source. You are not a part of the Source, a child of the Source, an extension of the Source, or an expression of the Source. In the state of enlightenment, you unequivocally know that you are not the body, the mind, or the soul, but you are the entirety of the Source. 

Yes, you must abandon the individualized ego, your thoughts, your opinions, and your concepts to arrive at this state of awareness, but bliss is the reward, along with the absence of suffering. Being the Source has three unique attributes: eternity, infinity, and unity. In the absence of these awarenesses, a person suffers from the perception of loss, limitation, and separation. 

No Loss
In the state of enlightenment, you know that as the Source, you are imagining the world.  When you know the whole world exists eternally in your mind, there is no fear of loss, there is no fear of lack. As The Source, you are eternal, and there is no sorrow or regret over the illusion of the absence of anyone or anything. Physical death can not bring sorrow, because physical life is only imagined anyway. Imagine having nothing to grieve over because nothing can be lost. Knowing that you are eternal and with no fear of loss, you would be in a state of contented bliss.
No Limits
In the state of enlightenment, you know that as the Source, you are not confined by any limitations. The illusion of other people's actions, beliefs, opinions, and fears do not even touch you. You do not live with the customary "shoulds" and "
should nots", nor do you impose them on others. Having released your preferences and your demands, you would be a joy to be around, especially radiating contentment and allowance to others. Knowing that you are infinite with no limitations, you would be in a state of contented bliss.
No Separation
In the state of enlightenment, you actually live up to your belief that "we are all one." You know that every person and the whole world appears as a thought within your mind, as the Source, with no separation between thinker and thought. Having remembered your own Source-ness, you would never speak in terms of connection with the Divine because there is only the One, and you are it. You cannot be connected to you, you are You. You are all there is. Knowing that you are the unity and totality of all that appears to be without any separation, you would be in a state of contented bliss.

In the state of enlightenment, you live in bliss because as the Source there is really nothing else to do. Life and death, pleasure and pain, peace and war, sickness and health are all non-real transient phenomena that do not affect who you really are - the Source. Sometimes the first step is believing this. Eventually, with some practice and experiential confirmation, you will come to know that YOU are the Source, and this awareness leads to the inevitable state of enlightenment, with a side order of unconditional contented bliss.

The Benefits of Ignorance:

Conditional love, conditional relationships, conditional war, conditional peace, conditional joy, conditional anger, conditional hatred, conditional grief, conditional jealousy, conditional happiness, conditional pain, conditional individuality, conditional fame, conditional fortune, conditional success, conditional caring, conditional hope, conditional activism, conditional self-righteousness, conditional selfishness, conditional judgmentalism, conditional discrimination, conditional possessiveness, conditional pride, conditional preference, conditional desire, conditional fear, conditional longing.

The Benefits of Enlightenment:

Unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, unconditional contentment, bliss.

Not everyone is ready to give up the benefits of ignorance, even to abide in bliss. I mean, it's a lot of fun to have relationships and fights, and hope and activism, desire and longing. But, someday, when the time is right, when you are ready, you can begin to end your conditional suffering by using self-inquiry which leads to unconditional acceptance and contentment and bliss.

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