May You Always Abide In The Light Of Truth.          

-David Browning                        





108 Mala Options

108 Enlightenment Mala Project108 Mala Options

Thank you for contributing to the 108 Enlightnement Mala Project. Your contributions provide much needeed funds for a variety of non-profit projects such as the Tibetan Buddhist Monks in India, and the Buddhist Prison Ministry in Teague Texas, along with the Samadhi Silent Retreats in Bradford Texas. We are excited about providing you with a one-of-a-kind sacred blessed Mala. We want you to get something so personal because you had a hand in creating it yourself.

Please use the form below to select your bead choices.

Wrist Malas and Neck Malas may choose up to 3 bead choices each, or choose CHAKRA COMBO. With the CHAKRA COMBO you'll receive a balanced number of stone beads corresponding to the chakra colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

Special Note about Wrist Malas: I have discovered that the beads DO NOT pull on the fragile arm hairs if there are small spacer beads between each 6mm or 8mm stone bead. This is my standard for making wrist Malas unless you choose otherwise. Spacer colors can be selected below.


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