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David Browning SamadhiDev has 20 years of mystical awareness combined with ancient practices

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The Mystic 7 - Seven Common To Every Awakening David Browning, SamadhiDev, Awakened mystic, author, guide, practioner and Guru Silent Retreats a three day experience as source The Mystic Market is a unique shopping experience where you can purchase meditation and incense supplies.
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Have you had a mystical experience similar to the Mystic 7?

How does yoga help one to obtain "samadhi"?

Enlightenment Can Be A Blast:  I have heard of silent retreats before, but none that utilize ancient chanting and incense ceremonies.  

The Mystic 7 is a system of thinking, perspective and approach combining ancient elements of the source, eternity, infinity, unity, nothingness, neither affirmation nor negation and no essential nature.  Within this systematic approach we have found that an individual can obtain higher states of consciousness known as samadhi, which provides the individual seeker new heights of bliss and peace, never known before.

Incense that speaks:  Years of research and thousands of dollars were spent purchasing and sampling only the finest Aloeswood, Sandalwood & Frankincense woods and resins from dozens of suppliers around the world. The founder of The Samadhi Retreat & Meditation Center, The Mystic 7 and author, David Browning (SamadhiDev) has hand selected from hundreds of available possibilities on the market through his twenty year journey as a mystic, student, author and teacher.  The result is an incredible array of incense offerings to enhance your practice, Samadhi Development and overall quality of life.

The truth is within you, we just help you find it.  



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