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Your Own God Awareness

Mysticism is an experiential self-revealed path to God Awareness.


you will learn to recognize your own inner awareness as Source.


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There is only an illusory path. Samadhi Retreat & Meditation CenterMost Popular Questions, Insights, and Links:

What is a MYSTIC?

Mystics are those people who have experienced the ONENESS that is beyond this reality. Like Jesus and Buddha, mystics have had the direct experience and realization that they are God. There are seven things that mystics commonly experience which brings them to this awareness; we call these the Mystic 7 Source Experiences. The most significant of these is that you are God, you are eternal, you are infinite, and you have never been separate from anything. The sole purpose of the Samadhi Retreat is to help you experience and remember God Awareness and to begin to dissolve the delusions that keep you from experiencing absolute contentment in every moment. 

What are THE MYSTIC 7 ? 

The Mystic 7 are seven mystical experiences AS Source that each person will have during the course of their awakening into universal God Awareness. Source. Eternity. Infinity. Unity. Nothingness. Neither Affirm Nor Negate. No Essential Nature. Our 3-day silent meditation retreats are based on the Mystic 7 Source Experiences and are designed to help you easily reach the state of samadhi through ceremony, chanting, meditation, and yoga. 

What is SAMADHI?

Samadhi is the pure and absolute SILENCE OF THE MIND. It is the state of no-thing-ness, where individual awareness and individual thoughts have ceased. This stillness may last anywhere from a second to hours, and eventually can be your abiding awareness. Samadhi can happen at any time but is often obtained because of meditation practices.


A Source Experience is your own awareness as God which sometimes occurs in conjunction with Samadhi; you may have the divine remembrance of unity, eternity, infinity, or nothingness. A Source Experience is a mystical transcendence from the belief in God to the experience as God. These 7 Source Experiences are most commonly subtle yet paradigm busting.


Self-inquiry is the process of dissolving the persistent beliefs that keep you from realizing that you are the Source by questioning every assumption, perception, and experience that you have. The persistent daily practice of self-inquiry reaffirms your direct personal Source Experiences which leads to God Awareness.


Enlightenment is the awareness that you are the Source coupled with the experience that you are the Source. When this occurs you will no longer perceive as an individual, you will be everything, at all times, and in all places, while being no-thing at all. 

Is self-inquiry important to ENLIGHTENMENT?

Yes. There are two elements to waking into Source Consciousness, one is having Source Experiences, the other is dissolving the mind of its beliefs through self-inquiry. You have to change your thoughts and beliefs to support your Source Experiences, self-inquiry is highly effective at this.

What does YOGA have to do with enlightenment?

Yoga means union, union with the Source, as the Source. When you dissolve your individuality and remember that everything is Source-Consciousness you are living Your Own God Awareness (YOGA). There are four elements to Samadhi Raja YOGA. (1) There are asana and pranayama practices that relax the body and mind and prepare it for samadhi and Source Experiences. (2) There are devotions that remind you that you are the Source and that there is nothing outside of yourself, universally speaking. (3) There are the vigilant self-aware actions that lead to a cognitive coherence that everything is the Source. (4) And there are wisdom sutras that cause the mind to shift into a Source-Aware resonance.

Why should I come to a SAMADHI RETREAT?

Being in a Samadhi Retreat atmosphere with David, who is already abiding in an awakened state and recognizes the signs of samadhi will catapult your process into Source Awareness. You will be introduced to many kinds of meditative practice and you will learn which specific practices lead you to a state of samadhi so you can use them at home. You will be introduced to self-inquiry and discover how tempting it is to fall out of Source Awareness even when you are trying hard to abide in an awakened state. You will begin to question and dissolve your beliefs about what is holy, good, and spiritual. 

Can I become enlightened AT HOME?

You can take steps to become enlightened at home. We recommend reading the books The Mystic's Guide To Enlightenment and The Mystic's Guide To Yoga and doing the self-inquiry exercises contained in them. This will help dissolve the individual mind into the universal mind. You will also need to commit to practices that lead to samadhi and Source Experiences. Question everything that is presented as truth, there is a lie in there somewhere; use the Mystic 7 Self-Inquiry tools to help you discover it. Samadhi + Source Experiences + Self-Inquiry = Enlightenment.

What is BLISS?

Bliss is the unconditionally contented state that replaces conditional suffering. It is a state beyond conditions, beyond desire and aversion, beyond good and bad, beyond right and wrong. This transcendent state of bliss is experienced by mystics to the extent that they have dissolved their individuality and embraced infinity in their own God Awareness. Bliss is not joy or happiness, nor it is dependent on having your preferences fulfilled, it is the contentment and acceptance that ALL IS.


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This is the mid-section between the Samadhi David Browning digital assets and the individual images that feature elements of the Mystic 7.


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